How a Broesj brooch ended in a Etsy TV commercial

One of the perks of having an Etsy shop is the easy way that customers can contact you. I love to receive pictures of happy customers who are wearing their brooch. A while ago I received this message from Max Rosie:

Not sure if you remember me, but i bought a Turquise Horse Brooch off you back in February 5th 2014. It was the first item i ever bought on etsy when i opened my first Shop. In the United Kingdom Etsy have just made their first Etsy UK Television advert and i was lucky enough to be chosen by etsy to be in it along with 66 other etsy sellers – Yay!

Vintage horse brooch sold by Broesj on Etsy

I had an Official Etsy Photograph taken of me on the set by a craft magazine company called “Mollie makes” and i now added the photo to my About Me Page. In The photo i am wearing “Your Turquoise Horse Brooch” – As i wear your Horse Brooch EVERYDAY as it helps keep me focused on Etsy and also i love the brooch too.

Max Rosie



… So i wanted to give you something back in return … (hope that makes sense) and now your Brooch has in a way/kind of been in an Etsy TV advert! yay!

Max Rosie wearing a Broesj brooch

This is the picture of Max. He is wearing two buttons he sells in his shop.

Not so long ago Max started to sell vintage housewares on Etsy and even started his 2nd shop called Alright Monkey Bottom.
There he sells 1″ Badges and 58mm Pocket Mirrors.

Although i am a blurry grey figure in the background i was actually wearing your Horse brooch so in a way you can say your work has been worn by someone in the Etsy TV Advert!!

Here’s a screenshot:

Etsy UK advert

How awesome! Check the full advert here:

 “One is a street photo from the edge of the street were the camera filmed from, the film camera was on the front of a pick up truck which drove at 40mph across the end of the street and filmed the advert in Super Slow motion which meant the actually advert ‘Film Take’ took about 2-3 seconds from ‘Action’ to ‘Cut’! They filmed it at high speed so the film would play back in slow motion! Which is what you see in the television advert!”


vintage horse brooch jumping in the streets

One photo is a ‘Television advert still shot’ from the street scene were I was stood next to the big telegraph pole waving on the right in the finished advert, and i was wearing your badge on my jumper (even though you can’t see it!).

Etsy UK street for filiming commercial 2

Etsy UK street for filiming commercial

This is so awesome Max. Thank you so much for bringing my horse brooch on set and for loving the brooch.
I really like the fact that it bring you so much inspiration!

Have a great weekend everyone. Are you planning on doing something nice?



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  1. That is so cool!

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