Tuesday Thrift: 7 Brooches and dumpster diving

Finally I went thrifting again! Yes.

But before I go to the thrifting part, I did found some other treasures. On the street!

IMG_3461 IMG_3494

The one big thing missing since I moved was a sofa. And tada, I found one. Since I live on the 4th floor (and we do not have an elevator) this was the perfect solution, since I could carry it upstairs.
The small desk / cabinet was a bit heavier, but luckily I had a dinner party organized that night so my friends helped me to bring it upstairs. I still have no perfect spot for it yet (hence the picture ;-)) but I will find one. It’s just lovely. The little drawers have red/white paper inside that is just the cutest.


Me and my sister went thrifting this weekend. Sadly our favorite thrift store had the idea to rearrange. So instead of a lovely display with all the brooches layed out they are tucked in baskets between all the bracelets. Digging makes the thrift experience better but now it’s a bit demotivating seeing only bracelets. Ah well…

christmas tree brooch

I found a christmas tree brooch! Woehoeh! And the best part: It doesn’t miss any rhinestones!

Thrifted vintage brooches

I love the bird.


And some flowers.

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