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Brooches during the war

On 4 May in the Netherlands we commemorate victims of war, and on 5 May we celebrate the fact that we live in freedom.I love the role brooches played in history. A few days ago I came across this blogpost on Modemuze. It is written by the junior conservator jewellery from Het Rijksmuseum. It explains about how brooches were being worn during the war. About the materials that was used. And of course the message the jewelry (secretly) sent. It shows multiple brooches from Marjan Unger, who donated her entire jewellery collection (lots of brooches) to […]

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Airplane brooch: The missing dangle

This week I wore my red airplane brooch. It was part of a large vintage brooch lot I bought a few months ago through eBay. It really pops when I wear it on this striped shirt. But there is something mysterious about this particular brooch. The missing dangle If you look closely, you see a small chain attached to the wing. So the question that arises is: What would have been dangling at the bottom of this red airplane brooch?! Maybe a bomb? Or an entire name?A red bow maybe… The skyline of a city? A paratrooper?Perhaps it used to have […]

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Amazed by the fabulous brooches in Galerie Des Bijoux

The thing I didn’t consider being in Paris (while it being a work thing): I could find some brooches! And yes, there were some fabulous brooches in Galerie des Bijoux.   While visiting Museum Les Arts Décoratifs I discovered Galerie des bijoux. Wow! I felt like I was starring in a Sherlock Holmes episode (you know, where they steal the most precious jewelry) it felt unreal! I was most impressed to see the brooches of René Lalique in real life. I have written about him before, the most precious brooches were showed on the Broesj Facebook page. […]

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Kazimir Malevich Red Spoon Brooch

The red wooden spoon is very clear depicted in the painting ‘Englishman in Moscow’   At the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam a large exhibition is devoted to the work of the Russian avant-garde pioneer Kazimir Malevich (1879–1935). The exhibition is worth taking a look. But the best of all: A red spoon brooch played a strong part in the live of Kazimir Malevich. First appearance of the red spoon brooch In 1914, together with Morgunov, Malevich held a Futurist demonstration on Kuznetsky Most in Moscow. There he introduced his first ism: Februarism. During the proclamation, both men have red wooden […]

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As Seen On Screen: Moonrise Kingdom Brooch

Yesterday I watched Moonrise Kingdom. A story about a scout and a girl who are in love and flea into the woods. Very funny and cute movie. I would definitely recommend you to see it. But the best part: The boy, Sam, wore a brooch! Along with his badges he wears an ornate costume-jewelry brooch — it’s short a few scratchy pearls. It belongs to his mother who passed away. He explains: “It’s not actually meant for a male to wear but I don’t give a damn” Overall the vibe of the movie is very sixties. The […]

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Hialeah 1969 – Vintage Flamingo Brooch from Florida

When opening my gifts I got from CreaSint I received one special package. A salmon pink colored brooch in the shape of a flamingo. On the brooch there were silver letters saying ‘Hialeah 1969’. So I wondered… what was Hialeah? Hialeah is a city in Miami-Dade County, Florida, United States, Wikipedia told me. But why the flamingo? Hialeah Park Apparently, there is also a huge park called Hialeah Park. In 1933, these exotic, colourful birds were introduced in the park.The park became so famous for its flamingo flocks that it has been officially designated a sanctuary for the American Flamingo by the Audubon […]