I absolutely love to receive photos from opened Broesj-packages or worn broesj-brooches. Here you can see some of them!

Broesj was also featured on some lovely blogs.

blue horse brooch



Studioh Mijn / Broesj & Studioh Mijn at Swanmarket

Mouseblossom // Broesj Lovely Things

De Groene Meisjes // Tweedehands liefde in Huis

Liefgeval // Poodle

Frohlockend // Der phänomenale frohlockende Cyber-Flohmarkt-Einkaufsratgeber!


In-Things // Give away

FleurFatale // Broch van Broesj

Omstebeurt // My Favorite Five #4

Dutch Handmade // Etsy Showroom

Kim Welling’s Blog Part 1 – Part 2