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Vintage brooches

When working as a freelancer you have ups and downs in projects. “Downtime” means that the large projects are in a slower speed tempo (deadline has passed, exhibition is open) so I have some more time to list brooches. Sometimes I have no idea where to start, so many brooches. Luckily I already listed some of them online as we speak.

Taking pictures for my Etsy shop Photo set-up for my Etsy shop

This is the improvised photo studio. Close to the window so I can get all the daylight that is here.

Naarden vesting

Last weekend me and my sister visited Naarden-Vesting. Treasure hunting, good food (we love Passionate!, the italian lunch room) and quality time. As a huge bonus there was a road tour with lots of old cars. So we had a front row seat and saw the most prettiest vehicles come by.Pieter tour oldtimer Wool pattern yellow grey

Among other items I found a wool blanket. At first I was a bit hesitant (wool?!) but now I’m in love. It fits so well to my curtains.

Otto Lenghi Pumpkin recipe

There is also a new tradition in town. The Tuesday Night Dinners. My sister cooks for 6 people, and everyone who has time can drop buy and enjoy a meal. She made a recipe by Otto Lenghi: pumpkin, green herbs, yogurht and chili. It was good!

Now something different.I love to work on this blog and I really enjoy it. However sometimes I wonder who is reading this (who are you, dear reader?) and If I should switch back to blogging in Dutch for example….
So for you to help me, it would be super super great (!) help if you could quickly answer these questions.
Click here to go to the survey or answer the survey here below:


Maak uw eigen enquête voor feedback van gebruikers   Thank you so much! :)


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