10 Tips for a weekend in Liège

4 July 2015 | category: Thrift in the City

10 Tips for Liège
A few weeks ago I visited Liège. I always thought that it would be a boring city with only ugly factories and industries. Little did I know that is a actually a perfect town to go to for a weekend getaway of just to browse around the small beer cafes and shops. Here are ten tips what to See, Drink, Eat and Do!


hoedenmaker luik

Looking for a quirky hat with a vintage brooch or a fun bag? At Delphine Quirin you will find the one. She also sells to Paris, Japan and Russia.

Rue Pierreuse 28

hoeden liege


shop liege

In this shop it’s all about up cycling. Benjamin Pailhe makes the items that are being sold in the store from left over garbage materials. The item’s are all unique and affordable. So for a special gift, check out this shop.

En Neuvice 14


Labo Liege Restaurant

I loved this place! It’s a bit hard to find, but when you enter the garden that’s tucked away behind the aquarium museum you will find a former chemical laboratorium that is turned into a restaurant. You can sit outside in the garden or find a table between the tubes and other lab glas. Good food, great wines.

Quai Edouard van Beneden 22



Two great options for beer. One is directly inside the city centre: Beerlovers. The beer being served here is from the Marsinne brewery that makes ecological beer called Leopold 7.

The other one is more hidden and especially great when the weather is good. It is next to the Brewery where they make the beer! The name is Brasserie {C}.

Rue de la Violette 9

Brasserie {c}
Impasse des Ursulines 14



Close to the brasserie C there is a very lovely park called Coteaux de la Citadelle with grand views over the city and perfect spots to have a small picknick.



If you wish to sleep close to the centre and wish for a bit more space and a wellness facility, Crowne Plaza is your go-to.

However, the more boutique style Hotel Novice is another perfect option. A small hotel located in the heart of Liege, decorated with a great sense of style.

Hotel Crowne Plaza Liege
Mont Saint Martin 9-11

Hotel Neuvice
En Neuvice 45

hotel neuvice liege


However I didn’t visit the market myself, I did spotted these signs. On Sunday’s there is a market called La Batte with foods, clothes and local goods. Check it out if you have time!

Located on the Quai de Maestricht.


Treinstation Luik

An easy way to go to Liege is by train. Another reason to go by train is the fab trainstation Luik-Guillemins. It’s amazing! An amazing design by the Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava.

So, that’s it for Liege! An easy way to book a stay and day activities is via the Outfi website.

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  • Reply Linda 4 July 2015 at 09:45

    Ha Babette,

    Wilde je even zeggen dat ik zo geniet van jouw posts met die mooie foto’s. En nu weer leuke tips voor Liege. Leuk!


    • Reply Babette 9 July 2015 at 10:12

      He Linda, wat ontzettend leuk om te horen. Dankjewel! :-) Wellicht kom je nog een keer aan Luik en kan je iets met de tips. Liefs X

  • Reply SophieSweetVintage 20 July 2015 at 14:56

    Dat ziet er tof uit allemaal! Ik had er ook niet een heel rooskleurig beeld bij maar er is genoeg leuks te doen zie ik :) Nu heb ik spontaan zin in een weekend weg hihi.

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