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10 August 2015 | category: All the other lovely stuff

So summer is here! The big gooseberry time (komkommertijd) is on and since I haven’t taken a grand holiday (I only took of a week to visit Lisbon) I am working around the clock. I will enlighten you with a summer update about the Broesj’ headquarters. Hope you enjoy summer as well! x


The days are really summery and the temperature is high. That means when you are shopping  for ice cream you will find an empty freezer at the store, if you are too late.


But even when it’s 33 degrees celsius, it doesn’t stop us thrifting. (OK it was too hot and we stopped after 5 minutes)


I found two brooches! Yes! Swan and a circle with blue flowers.


We visited the Sofacompagnie showroom. So my first real sofa (!) will enter my living room this Wednesday. I am só excited!


This is the one. Fancy, don’t you think?!



After the showroom we visited the auction house. I have a thing for retro packaging. Look at this.


My auntie Bo visited and brought her new treasures to show. Soon to be available at her website, Bonbijou. IMG_5904

And yes, I also got the KonMari virus… It took me some time to clean up this mess and raid through my closet.
I also did all of my beauty products and make-up. But still have to go through every other category.


I made a vintage looking bun, taadaa!


This is how I spent my days. If I’m not working on location (in Rotterdam or visiting Winterswijk) I am behind my desk aka dining room table.


New Broesj cards are in.


Still love to packaging up orders.


So that’s it for now. Will have some rest with my blanket (lol, I LOVE blankets).

p.s. Do you like these kind of random updates? Or would you like to read more about brooches? Or maybe more city trip related information? Please let me know in the comments below if there is anything else you like to read more about :) Thanks! x


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  • Reply Nina 14 August 2015 at 00:54

    Love these kind of random updates! Think I should do them more too :)

  • Reply は、コンスタンチンchaykinコンプトゥスの復活祭の時計のケースを模倣するサンクトペテルブルク、ロシアの聖イサク大聖堂のように、全体的な形状は、ドーム、柱廊、鐘塔とすべてのこの 8 March 2016 at 05:04


  • Reply 最初のものは、エマニュエル・ブーシェの合併症の1つに不思議な三次元のダイヤルを除いて通知のうちの場合、サファイアクリスタル。後者はといえば、私はより多くの時計会社を使用し 8 March 2016 at 05:05

    [url=http://www.bestevance.com/rolex/sky/index.htm]最初のものは、エマニュエル・ブーシェの合併症の1つに不思議な三次元のダイヤルを除いて通知のうちの場合、サファイアクリスタル。後者はといえば、私はより多くの時計会社を使用したドーム型サファイア結晶のようなこのグレアの傾向ではないことを願います。 ブランドコピー時計 と同様に、このサファイア結晶に及ぼすarコーティングの他の通知をしなければ何か特定の形状と厚み。まだ具体的には、私はパネライ、あなたを思っています。[/url]

  • Reply 百年の輝かしい歴史を持つのHamiltonとリーヴァを独木格の設計、無類の品質、完璧な味わいと究極の手芸表現で有名に世を一緻を欧米スターやハリウッド映画界の長年の支持と歓迎。Hamilton 8 March 2016 at 05:26


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