Thrifting Tuesday: Flowers and Reds

Last saturday me and my sister went to look for some treasures…. We went thrifting! Thrifting is all about finding ugly things – at first sight. Trying them on, and open your eyes. That’s how I found this blouse. I have worn it two days in a row already…

Remember my thrift finding from last week? YES I found another one! So now I have two pink mugs, 2 yellow mugs and one blue. So I only have to find one blue and then I’m set.

Another thrifting tip: Look everywhere. This book I found in the emroidery section, not at the book section.

At that same knitting section (!) I found this book about trees during the year. Love the images.

And some red bags:



2 responses to “Thrifting Tuesday: Flowers and Reds”

  1. Anonymous

    nice blog and lots of wonderful vintage
    I have a collection of vintage brooches

    1. Thanks for your comment :) I would love to see your collection of brooches. If you like, I can put them on the facebook or blog.

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