Traveling Vintage Item – The journey continues…

It has been a while since I received the traveling vintage item from Sas. It found a perfect spot on my wall, next to some other bird friends (spot the bird brooch on top?), some dried flowers and next to a photograph from my mom, a little while ago.

The traveling vintage item from Oh Marie! was given to Nikki from Liefgeval at the launch from the lovely magazine. Then it went to Saskia and then it came to me.

Traveling vintage item from Oh Marie! Magazine

It is now time to pass the item to her next owner. To whom should I send it? Please, leave a comment. On Wednesday I will randomly pick the next owner :)



4 thoughts on “Traveling Vintage Item – The journey continues…

  1. Ohh such a nice idea, ‘a travelling vintage item’ ! I think it would be really nice on my wall above my Mac, in the living room! Between the other nice things I collected. It would be an honour to have it for a little while!

    Succes with your very nice blog babette ;)

  2. Ohhh, I love birds! This traveling embroidery would look really good with my vintage wooden mini-birds collection… Hope it can come over for a visit ;)

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