Salmon Gift Guide

Salmon Pink is my recently discovered favorite color, so a gift guide in that color couldn’t stay under the radar.

1 / geometric socks // 2 / little wallet 3 / herschell bag // 4 boat brooch / 5 pillow

I really want this jacket since I saw it on Pinterest…. So the search begins. I can’t buy another one. All the other coats are ugly compared to my new true love ;)

and underneath the jacket I will wear this sweater:

And this lovely salmon bag from Marieke. What a coincidence. She just tagged me for the Liebster Award…  More about that in a next post.



2 responses to “Salmon Gift Guide”

  1. Wat een leuk jasje! Alhoewel de kleur me NIET staat.. was erg blij toen ik zag dat ie ook ERG duur is :)

  2. Je hebt me trouwens geïnspireerd, heb even de ‘styliste’ uitgehangen :)) »

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