Concerning Christmas

Christmas I am ready for you! After some long working days I so look forward to relaxing holidays. In our house I have added some red kitsch decoration, love it!


Christmas04 Christmas03

I have made a very whimsical nativity scene in my Tomado cabinet.



There is no better excuse for shopping then Christmas Gift Shopping. When I went shopping I saw this pop up store. Inside there were all lovely small shops with nice goodies.


My absolute favorites were the dolls from Studio Escargot. Sophia makes these cute dolls. She actually silkscreens their faces and dresses.


picture from Studio Escargot

Searching the internet for nice photos from¬†Studio Escargot¬†( I didn’t take them myself… Sight. I wish I did. I’m to shy to grab my old iPhonie and shoot pictures. Sometimes I wish I would be a absolute fab blogger who would bring her camera everywhere and wouldn’t be too shy to take pictures) I ended up at the blog from Marije.

Marije and I went to Flavorites together. She won tickets at Mamamarketing and I was the lucky one to join. She wrote a wonderful blogpost about it and about visiting the same pop-up shop a few weeks ago. What a coincidence :)

Remember I bought gift wrapping paper from Eva&Anne? They now sell it at their online store, thanks Kathleen for the tip. Check out their shop. The letterpressed cards and labels are my favorites.

One thought on “Concerning Christmas

  1. Hey Babette,
    Wat een leuk stukje! En hoe leuk dat ik mijn popjes bij je terug vind! Volgende keer gewoon je foto camera meenemen en je eigen charmante zelf zijn! Liefs,Sophia

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