Discovery of Dead Stock: Vintage Office Supplies

Dead stock in an office supply storeMy studiomate received a small package from her father. It included a small diary, dated back to the fifties. It was in a mint condition and never used.
Her dad explained that he found it in a small store in Rotterdam, which was about to close down. The owner had to sell his shop so emptied the entire stockroom. He found some crates that had been there since the shop opened. Some of the products dated around the 1940’s. Finding never used old vintage office supplies definitely on my bucket list.

Dead stock in an office supply store

Dead stock in an office supply store   Dead stock in an office supply store

I immediately had the idea to start another Etsy shop but I could resist the temptation.

Vintage mail found in office supply store

Beautiful Vintage Office Supplies

Look at their packaging! I love the way vintage packaging uses most of the time only two colors. Who would think of combining yellow and brown these days!?

Photo fixers | Dead stock in an office supply store Dead stock in an office supply store Dead stock in an office supply store

office supply store closes

Sad as well…

Of course it was also sad to see a man who has to sell his business. Digging through boxes of treasures felt a bit double. I always dream of discovering dead stock, but when it’s like this the euphoric feeling changes into some sadness.

What did I buy?

The selection of products I bought:

Dead stock in an office supply store
Some old inventory books, car stickers, pins, envelopes and small wage packets (loonzakjes) where my broesjes fit in perfectly. The good thing about office supplies is that you actually need them. So it doesn’t matter if you buy one or ten envelopes. You will use them so they serve a purpose.

vintage car stickers dead stock

Go and take a look?

I have no idea if the store is still open. I heard that he had still extra stuff so that he is constant busy filling the shelves.
Kantoorboekhandel Landegem
Walenburgerweg 114
3033AK Rotterdam
The Netherlands

vintage car stickers dead stock

Dankzij een oude agenda die mijn studiogenote ontving kwamen we achter de leegverkoop van een kantoorboekhandel. De man bleek een verzamelaar te zijn en had een zéér groot magazijn vol met schatten uit de jaren 40. Omdat hij zijn winkel moet gaan sluiten kwam dit allemaal naar boven.


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  1. this is like a real treasure !

  2. Kwijl… Moooooi! Die schoolagenda is fantastisch :-)

  3. Aaaaah heaven!!

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