Thrifting Tuesday: What I found in Ghent!

Did you see my post about the visit to Ghent? These are the treasures I found at the flea market Lange Violettestraat.

Flea market finds


A fish potholder


Three brooches: Mickey, horse and a bow! The shiprack is already hanging in my kitchen for towels and I have no idea what to do with the black/white fabric. The rose imageĀ is now upon the wall inside my hallway.

Did you go thrifting recently?

2 thoughts on “Thrifting Tuesday: What I found in Ghent!

  1. Wat een leuke vondsten! De vis zou ik ook niet kunnen laten liggen haha. Vandaag heb ik een rondje kringloop gepland, mits mijn to do lijstje af is…

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