Mission accomplished: I moved!

Boy what a project! I know moving is a big deal, but pffff. I’m glad its done. Yes, it. is. done. I moved.moving-house1

I’ve let go of a lot of stuff. A lot of bags with clothes I didn’t wear, stuff that didn’t care or was broken. That felt weird (I think it probably one of the few times in years that I have gotten rid of a lot of stuff!) but good at the same time. Now I can imagine what it feels like to have a minimal house. Sort of… ;-)


A lot of boxes…


And boxes in the new place!

A big warm THANK YOU goes out to all my wonderful friends who helped me. Because of them we moved everything in a record time of two hours. We made a ‘snake’ (every one took his place on the stairways and we could pass the boxes very quickly) which worked out perfect. Especially in the new place: My house is on the 4th floor.

Thanks to my lovely sister + her love I have lights and I can cook. That’s really nice I must say.

And a bigger Thank You goes out to my mom and dad. They brought me the boxes and kept me sane during the whole process. And they made sure everyone was well fed and that I had some sandwiches when I woke up on my first morning in the new place.

Thank you guys!


I did some painting but no excitement here: just white. I love to have a neutral canvas and decorate it with colorful stuff.moving-house2

Fresh flowers in my new window!


And of course, there was some IKEA involved. I was so cranky when I made this table. The amount of screws was endless. But it’s a table now. Now I need to unpack some of the boxes (can’t find my teaspoons and some other things are ‘lost’) and decorate a bit. When it’s all clean and tidy I will show you the before and after pictures :-)


2 responses to “Mission accomplished: I moved!”

  1. En nu lekker klussen…met de bloemetjes voor het raam ^-^

  2. Whihoo! Fijn dat je nu echt over bent! Bevalt het op je nieuwe stek? Veel succes met al het kluswerk en inrichten :)

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