Lovely weekend in Leuven

Our first road trip was a great succes. Since we had so much fun we decided to make it an annual tradition. This year we ended up in Leuven!

IMG_2824Gold telephone broochIMG_2834

The team! Maggie Again, AllihoppaMouseblossom and yours truly.

When we were lost we ended up in something I call Brooch Paradise. The shop was called Hexagoon. It’s a must-see for fabric, craft material, fabrics, scarfs and: BROOCHES! They we so incredibly awesome. I had to chose one from the three above. Finally I went for the black bird brooch.

Black bird brooch

The next day we decided to do some thrifting! We made a very professional list and went to Brussels!

Thrifting Leuven 3Thrifting Leuven 2
Maggie as a professional thrifter (check the sunglasses and Moussie was hiding behind a clothes rack.Thrifting Leuven
It was a lovely weekend. I can’t wait for next year! Check the other ladies their blogposts:

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Allihoppa – De week rond

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