Airplane brooch: The missing dangle

vintage airplane brooch BROESJ

This week I wore my red airplane brooch. It was part of a large vintage brooch lot I bought a few months ago through eBay. It really pops when I wear it on this striped shirt.
But there is something mysterious about this particular brooch.

The missing dangle

If you look closely, you see a small chain attached to the wing. So the question that arises is: What would have been dangling at the bottom of this red airplane brooch?!

airplane bomb broochairplane bombs
Maybe a bomb?
airplane name brooch

airplane effie brooch
Or an entire name?airplane bow broochA red bow maybe… airplane-cityThe skyline of a city?vintage-airplane-brooch
A paratrooper?airmail-broochPerhaps it used to have letters dangling?

The search continues

Sadly I have no idea. I double checked, and there was no dangle attached to the brooch while it was being sold on eBay. It would be great if I ever came across a similar brooch that is still intact. But for now, the only thing I can do is more research of imagine what would have been there….

Do you own an airplane brooch? Maybe with a dangle? This is my only one. I do have another one. It’s actually for sale in the Broesj Shop. It does not have a bangle or a missing bangle ;-) But it’s still super cute.

Happy weekend fellow brooch lovers!


4 responses to “Airplane brooch: The missing dangle”

  1. Oh, the mystery! Love seeing all the possible dangles :)

    1. Me too! I wish I had found an airplane brooch that looked exactly like the one I own. Ah well, loved the search as well :)

  2. Je bent duidelijk in Bomb Girls sferen! ;) Als je al die andere exemplaren zo ziet, maakt dat inderdaad wel heel nieuwsgierig . Er zal vast iets moois aan hebben gezeten (de paratrooper vind ik wel erg origineel, zoiets moet het zijn), maar wat??

    1. Jaaa. Ik heb bijna beide seizoenen uitgekeken hoor, haha! Ik vind die vliegtuig bommem-broche te gek, maar ik heb niet het idee dat er een bom aan heeft gezeten. Alhoewel, je weet het nooit :-) Wel jammer dat ze in Bomb Girl niet zoveel broches dragen, zou gaaf zijn als ze daar opeens een bakelieten hart zouden dragen.

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