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  • Lovelies: Cat Pimmetje

    Lovelies: Cat Pimmetje

    Meet our cat, Pimmetje. He is such a old sweetheart. Check his collar: He has a strawberry bell. (I am wearing my mom’s sweater here, love it).                            

  • The List: Blog Inc.

    The List: Blog Inc.

    This book is definitely in the top 5 for on my Christmas-wishlist (Yes I have started The List). And what about the über-cute trailer? Amazing.

  • Lovelies: Bread

    Lovelies: Bread

    One of my cravings is bread. There is nothing better then go to the bakery (when you are kind of hungry) and buy a freshly baked bread. Then go home and prepare your sandwiches but eat fresh slices immediately. When I was a kid, me and my parents went bread-shopping and the baker didn’t close…