Week in Brooches: Summer!

Temperatures are rising in The Netherlands. A Dutch summer is basically always the same: It begins nice and sunny but then it gets really humid and it is a bit too much. Eating lots of popsicles helps. And taking lunch breaks and walk next to the Amstel.

Amsterdam house boat

novelty brooch black bird

I love to wear coral colored clothes and accessories. The black bird matches the summer outfit perfectly.

white hedgehog brooch

Another perk of summer is wearing vintage dresses. A white hedgehog brooch hides on the bow. I love those small brooches that pimp an outfit in a very subtle way. There are still some hedgehog brooches available in the shop!

Babsie face

I organized a WOOD market in Rotterdam. There were several stalls that all had something to do with wood. There was a craft woodworker, a contemporary furniture maker and the bookstore had selected all the books on wood and tree houses. I handed all visitors birch juice. Of course the wooden mushroom brooch accompanied me.

wooden mushroom broochbirch-juice
Picture by Matthijs Immink

Want to grab a hedgehog brooch as well? There are some hedgehogs available in the shop! Or check out if there are still some bird brooches left.

One thought on “Week in Brooches: Summer!

  1. Love that black bird brooch. And the hedgehog looks super on your vintage dress! Is that photo in your Etsy shop yet?! ;)

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