Tuesday Thrifting: Brooches and Book

My parents are SWEET. On Saturday I went to visit them in the evening. When, in the afternoon, I was on the phone with my dad he told me that there was a HUGE fleamarket. I was immediatly feeling sweaty and nevrous, A FLEAMARKET?! I MUST GO THERE. NOW. But no, I couldn’t. But then he assured me, that they would go and thrift for me. So they did :) And they found some lovely treasures. Check out the brooches! My favorites are the dried flowers and the dolphins. The button is quit ugly but still sweet they brought it ;)

They also brought this sweet small book about thrifting and curiosa stuff. There was an old article inside and some beautiful graphics.

It reminded me of another book I bought a while ago. It’s a guide to flea markets in Europe.

Did you found some thrift-treasuries lately?


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