Thrifting Tuesday: National Thrift Day!

The advantage of being a weekend at my parents house:

1. there is a cat
2. they have a very large tv
3. they own a bathtub
4. they have a cabinet full of snacks

but the nicest: There are flea markets everywhere!

My mom wrote me a hilarious, not very clear, note with some flea market tips.

Friday / Word Animal Day

Market 1. Started the day at the flea market for the animal shelter. Without any make-up (or even combed hair) I stumbled across a camera crew who were filming an old lady. She was petting a fake cat that meowed. Oh boy.


There I found some brooches and a can.

They have a special cabinet where they keep their precious jewelry. Most of the time I do not make an effort of looking in there since everything is overpriced. But I did now and I saw something that looked like an insect. I asked if I could see it. It was a… actually: I’m not sure what it is.  It was a woven straw brooch! A lobster? A shrimp? IMG_7901

Market 2. Horrible. At a school were they trained the kids for being entrepreneurs. Very funny but no good stuff. No pictures as well.

Saturday: National Thrift Day! 

Market 3. Choir I started my Saturday VERY early. And wow it was so busy! It was a market from a choir. I usually score at those markets because the stuff is from old people, means: more chance to find a true vintage find!

blikken IMG_7948

I found some cans (and payed a bit too much), a yellow vase (to go into Margriet’s shop) and two christmas oven-mittens. One of the cans they didn’t want to sell me at first because there were some checker pieces inside. I had to buy the stones as well and throw them away. Eventually they figured out that they could put the stones inside another box and sell me the can ;-)


Market 4. Another flea market, held once a moth. Found some brooches.


Market 5. At a thrift shop I found two perfect dresses. I didn’t try them on (too much of a hassle) but just bought them at the eye. At home I found out that they fitted perfectly. I also bought a necklace.

Market 6. I went to the regular thrift shop. It normally isn’t this special, and it wasn’t today. I found one blue brooch over there.

So the entire brooch score of a weekend thrifting: Three birds, two leaves, two round geometric brooches and one seal.


Have you been thrifting?

Afgelopen weekend verbleef ik in het huis van mijn ouders. Lang leve nationale kringloop dag! Ik bezocht maar liefst 6 rommelmarkten of kringlopen. Ik vond een aantal blikken, twee jurken en een hoop broches! 

One thought on “Thrifting Tuesday: National Thrift Day!

  1. ahhh, speuren naar mooie spulletjes, heeerrrrrlijk! mooie vondsten!
    naar zes plekken geweest! wow! ik ben alleen naar de kringloop in best geweest, is een hele fijne!

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