Sunday: Ikea and christmas feeling

What a lovely weekend. After a heavy workweek I was happy to stay a weekend at home and relax a little bit. Well relax… On saterday me and my lovely sis went out thrifting. We went to our favorite store and boy, it was good :) I will tell more about it on tuesday, to stick with my tuesday thrift posts. But a spoiler is never bad:

After the thrifiting we did some grocery shopping, ate lovely couscous diner and watched Intouchables. Super fine saturday.

So today, there was the occasional cleaning but also: IKEA. My brooch collection is waiting for ages to be stored properly. I thought of a dresser. Today was time for some action. I went to the ikea (for the first time by myself. I felt a bit weird actually… missed my parents/sister/niece. But there has to be a first time for everything, right?).

I scored a nice nice nice dresser (which will be delivered tonight, can’t wait!) and of course¬†unavoidable trumpery. And yes they had a Christmas section! I am a sucker for christmas decoration.

In the afternoon, after folding my clothes and doing some cleaning I sat down and read Mollie Makes and have some tea. Do you notice the red berry branches? A sort of non-christmassy Christmas decoration ;)

Enjoy your sunday evening!

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