Airplane brooch: The missing dangle

5 July 2014 | category: Brooch Wisdom

vintage airplane brooch BROESJ

This week I wore my red airplane brooch. It was part of a large vintage brooch lot I bought a few months ago through eBay. It really pops when I wear it on this striped shirt.
But there is something mysterious about this particular brooch.

The missing dangle

If you look closely, you see a small chain attached to the wing. So the question that arises is: What would have been dangling at the bottom of this red airplane brooch?!

airplane bomb brooch airplane bombs
Maybe a bomb?
airplane name brooch

airplane effie brooch
Or an entire name? airplane bow brooch A red bow maybe…  airplane-city The skyline of a city? vintage-airplane-brooch
A paratrooper? airmail-brooch Perhaps it used to have letters dangling?

The search continues

Sadly I have no idea. I double checked, and there was no dangle attached to the brooch while it was being sold on eBay. It would be great if I ever came across a similar brooch that is still intact. But for now, the only thing I can do is more research of imagine what would have been there….

Do you own an airplane brooch? Maybe with a dangle? This is my only one. I do have another one. It’s actually for sale in the Broesj Shop. It does not have a bangle or a missing bangle ;-) But it’s still super cute.

Happy weekend fellow brooch lovers!

Brooch Collection: Andrea

28 June 2014 | category: Brooch Collection

For today’s vintage brooch collection I am delighted to share the collection of Andrea. On Instagram I have seen her brooches and was always amazed by her fabulous style. Luckily she was very sweet and was willing to give us a peek into her collection. Have fun reading and thank you Andrea for sharing your brooch stories!


What’s your favorite brooch?

“My favorite brooch in my collection is the red bakelite and Lucite heart brooch, a gift from my boyfriend. It is a large and eye-catching piece that is versatile and looks great with so many different colors on blouses, jackets and sweaters alike. I also love the detail of the carved Lucite. Most of all, it is special because he did such a great job choosing a wonderful gift and genuinely surprised me on my birthday.”

Could you tell something about the first brooch you owned?

“The first brooch I can remember owning was a small, gold heart with an arrow going through it that my mom gave me when I was a little girl. My birthday is on Valentine’s Day and I have always loved to collect heart shaped things. I remember wearing it on Valentine’s Day as a child.”

Which brooch is the latest addition to your collection? 

“The latest addition to my collection is a vintage plastic banana brooch. I have been looking for one of these for a while and finally found it on eBay. Such a great score! I love tropical themes, so this brooch fits right in with fun Hawaiian prints on shirts and dresses.”
photo 3

photo 7

photo 5

photo self1

Which brooch is on your wishlist?

“I love novelty brooches in general, especially tropical and western themed. If I could wish for anything, it would be the amazing carved bakelite novelty brooches I see online and in antique shops. For example, the bakelite palm leaf with hanging coconuts, Josephine Baker with a banana skirt, a horse with dangling boots and a horseshoe, or colorful dangling vegetables, etc., etc. Normally they are incredibly expensive, but I enjoy just looking at all the beautiful and varied styles.”

Wishlist brooches:

Wish horse  Wish josie Wish Palm coconut  Wish Vegi_bakelite_brooch

“Since changing jobs and moving to a more corporate work environment, I have looked for ways to incorporate vintage into my work wear while maintaining a professional appearance. Wearing brooches has been a great way for me to add interest and fun to my work wardrobe, as well as my everyday outfits. I have enjoyed building my collection, it’s so fun to pick a brooch in the morning and build an entire outfit around it!”

photo 6     photo self4 photo self3

So, are you ready for everything? Here is the entire collection. Halleluja!


I really love this collection! Wish I had so many dangling brooches. Just like the ice skates. And the bananas! And the pineapples… Well, everything. Which one is your absolute favorite?

If you like to keep updates on Andrea’s collection, find her on instagram by the name @galaboutmidtown.

Broesj at Best Kept Secret Festival market!

23 June 2014 | category: Uncategorized

Whoe! Best Kept Secret 2014 and Broesj were a perfect match.

This weekend I went to Hilvarenbeek, together with Annelies. We were part of the Etsy market. So for three full days, we enjoyed music, very good food and spread the brooch-love.

Setting up day 1!
broesj-bestkeptsecret9Preparing some Broesj-cards

broesj-bestkeptsecret2Our neighbors from WOW for you provided us with coffee in the cutest cup ever.


Our view, we had a perfect view on the MainStage and the lovely booth from Ik stempel :-)

broesj-bestkeptsecret15-krantenkapperLook! De Krantenkapper made a tattoo station. How awesome is this!?

And tada! Here is the entire booth. And me behind it, like a proud mamma ;-) broesj-bestkeptsecret10

broesj-bestkeptsecret5 broesj-bestkeptsecret11
(look at the dust! Crazy.)


Thank you so much Annelies for coming along and helping me. Also thanks to my mom, for organizing the brooches, helping me with groceries and for getting the table cloth… Well, the list keeps on going.
This was a bit crazy, since I was overwhelmed with work last week. Without these I would be nowhere! (Actually three ladies. My sister was involved as well. She happened to have a car we could use… Oh yes that was handy as well ;-))

and last but certainly not least: No festival without a ‘blokkenschema’ (festival program). We found brooches that would match the bands’ name perfect:


broesj-bestkeptsecret4    This picture says it all: Brooches, fun and ‘work’! Yeah!

BBB14: 3 tips to boost business

12 June 2014 | category: Uncategorized

It was just a bit quiet around here on the blog. But today I had a Business Bites and Bubbles (seminar) day. I visited BBB14, organized by MamaMarketing.
A whole day filled with workshops, seminars and meeting like-minded web shop entrepreneurs. It was great fun!

Vintage Flower brooch

I wore a bright brooch so people would recognize me.

It was nice to see my friends again, meet new business ladies and learn new skills.
To take immediate action, I thought: Let’s blog and not wait any longer until that perfect subject/idea/photo comes along. No, let’s make it happen!

Top 3 things I learned

1. If you do something, do it right! Make a strategy, have SMART-goals.

2. Get a niche! If people would like to buy cake, they would not like to buy a sweater as well. You don’t have to please everyone in the whole wide world.

3. Do what you love! If you breath, eat and sleep your brand / product / vision, it will work out. Just be patient!

Swan Market XL: Coffee, meetings and some rain

23 April 2014 | category: Uncategorized

Me and Linda behind our booths! :-) broesj-kadolab-swanmarket-xl-museumpark picture by Daphne from Kadolab

Going to Rotterdam by car (I go there a lot by train because of work. Going by car felt as such a luxury!).
Meeting bloggers/instagrammers (saying hi to Cathy and Sophie!), finally fresh coffee, Kadolab helping me rearrange the booth, good bread, more coffee, sun in the morning, only in the afternoon some rain, finally time to catch up with my Kadolab friends.


I finally met Sophie Sweet Vintage, so cool! Here she’s hiding behind her camera uhhh… capturing our booth :))


Less good:
Rain and expensive bread (7 euros for one piece of bread. Holy moly! And I bought two….WHY!?!)

Oh! And I almost forgot. I talked to someone who wore a perfect tourist brooch (A Dutch lady on a floating water animal) and I promoted my love for tourist brooches (and therefor my blog) a bit. Apparently, she already read it. That was soooo incredible nice to hear :-) I love to get to know my readers a bit more (or their brooches). Don’t be afraid to say hi in the comments.


Okay, so this was the easter holidays. Pffff….. I have had some great adventures I would love to tell you about. I visited Leuven with my aunt and niece, we have had a meeting with the Dutch Etsy team et cetera. But I am so busy :-( Will catch up soon guys.

Busy times, easter and: Swan Market XL!

20 April 2014 | category: Week in brooches

Times goes by soooo fast when you are busy.

I’m trying to juggle work (big assignment), Broesj-work (had to ask my niece to help), social life (keep mixing up days and times so I keep making mistakes when meeting friends) and sleep (between all the above).

But luckily today was relaxing: my sister made easter brunch and we sat in the sun. IMG_0788

Tomorrow I will be attending the Swan Market XL at the Museumpark.
Will you come and say hello?

Morgen (tweede paasdag) sta ik op de Swan Market XL (Rotterdam, Museumpark). Kom je even gedag zeggen?

Brooch Collection: Angelique

5 April 2014 | category: Brooch Collection

Hè hè eindelijk is er weer een broche collectie! Dankzij Instagram zag ik de collectie van Angelique. Wauw, ik was onder de indruk. Gelukkig wilde ze haar tips en verhalen met ons delen. Deel zes in de broche collectie serie: Angelique’s broches!

Click here to read the story from Angelique on her brooch collection in English (or click the red link Read in English in the sidebar on the right)

vintage brooches

“Wat mijn favoriete broche is, is afhankelijk van wat ik draag. Het meest draag ik de houten nijlpaard (die ik overigens zelf heb omgetoverd tot broche, ik vond hem in een kringloopwinkel en zag er gelijk iets draagbaars in, dus speldje erachter en klaar), de gele bij, de vrouwenportretten en mijn nieuwste aankoop via Etsy, het meisje met rood-wit gestreept shirt en muts met oortjes gekocht bij It’s Simply Max.”

five vintage brooches

De eerste broche

“Dat is de ruitvormige broche met rode steentjes, geen idee of deze werkelijk hoge waarde heeft maar emotionele waarde zeker. Deze is namelijk van mijn oma geweest. Ik draag hem eigenlijk ook niet vaak, uit angst hem kwijt te raken.”

emotional value brooch


Geluk in de kringloopwinkel

“De vos, rolschaats, het huisje en het fietsje. Met zijn vieren lagen ze op mij te wachten in een kringloopwinkel. Eigenlijk komen vrijwel al mijn broches (afgezien van de ruitvormige en het ene meisje) uit de kringloopwinkel of van de rommelmarkt.

Ik heb er een soort kunst van gemaakt om ze zo goedkoop mogelijk te vinden en er niet teveel voor willen betalen. Wat op mijn pad komt is mooi meegenomen.”

brooch collection angelique

“Het leuke is trouwens dat ze in de kringloopwinkel vaak verbaasd kijken als ik broches kom afrekenen. Ik heb al een aantal keer meegemaakt dat ik er niet voor hoefde te betalen!

Ook heb ik een aantal broches uit mijn collectie gekregen van bekenden. dat is ook een voordeel, zodra mensen weten dat je ze spaart weten ze je te vinden.”

newest additions brooches fox

Welke broche staat nog op je verlanglijstje?

“Goede vraag, ik heb niet specifiek een verlanglijstje. Wat ik vind is vaak leuk meegenomen, zoals het vosje van afgelopen weekend, die kan je toch niet laten liggen! Het zou leuk zijn een keer een uiltje te vinden… ben namelijk dol op uiltjes.

En ik heb nog een aantal ideeën om er zelf een paar te gaan maken, maar dat staat nog op mijn “to do list”.

Angelique with a brooch

Volg Angelique op Instagram voor de laatste broche vondsten of andere fijne foto’s.

Andere broche collecties: Mies – Eliane – Marta – Coja – Lieke

Bedankt voor het delen, Angelique! Heb jij ook een collectie met broches en wil jij hier iets over vertellen? Stuur dan een mailtje en wie weet wordt jouw collectie nummer 7!


Amazed by the fabulous brooches in Galerie Des Bijoux

4 April 2014 | category: Brooch Wisdom

The thing I didn’t consider being in Paris (while it being a work thing): I could find some brooches! And yes, there were some fabulous brooches in Galerie des Bijoux.

Precious brooches in Galerie des Bijoux


While visiting Museum Les Arts Décoratifs I discovered Galerie des bijoux. Wow! I felt like I was starring in a Sherlock Holmes episode (you know, where they steal the most precious jewelry) it felt unreal!
I was most impressed to see the brooches of René Lalique in real life. I have written about him before, the most precious brooches were showed on the Broesj Facebook page. But I didn’t think I would ever see a Lalique brooch. But I did.

This brooch is called Le Baiser (the kiss) and was made in 1904 – 1906.

Brooch Rene Lalique Galerie Des bijoux

The museum received the brooch from René Le Mesnil.
The beautiful artwork depicts a man and female in a very loving way. But surrounded by a branch of thorns in silver, the tiny object summarizes the pleasures and pains of love Lalique himself described in one of his letters:
“As I do suffer , alas! one who can love me …”

Finally the mystery was revealed by the granddaughter of René Lalique.

In 1904 and 1905, Lalique spent long periods in England and meets a young French. A son, René Le Mesnil, was born in 1907.
When René Le Mesnil donated the brooch to the museum, the story came out and all and the secret was revealed.

That is exactly the reason why I love brooches: The stories are so incredible!
Do you have a fabulous brooch story?

Tweet: I love to read stories about brooches. There are great stories behind these pieces of jewelry!

all images are from the Les Arts Decoratifs website


Paris, Je t’aime

30 March 2014 | category: Uncategorized

Things I thought I never do in my live: Visit Paris in one day. Saturday I got out of bed before 6 a.m. (pfff) and took the Thalys to France. We went to do some research for an exhibition. But also enjoyed some shopping and parks. But Paris in one day: Crazy!  Parijs ansichtkaarten Parijs touristen kiekje Parijs Park Parijs Museum des arts decoratifs Parijs Eifeltoren

About Broesj and Hink-Stap-Sprong Marketing

26 March 2014 | category: Week in brooches

A week ago Diana from MamaMarketing asked me to answer some questions. Today she published the very nice blog post. She made a great analysis about the way I use social media. It’s in Dutch, but you should check it out (or click this Google Translate link!) logo-02

Leuk! Een week geleden vroeg Diana van Mamamarketing of ik een aantal vragen wilde beantwoorden. Wat bleek: Ik doe aan HinkStapSprong Marketing. Nooit geweten ;-) Vandaag verscheen het artikel over broesj en deze manier van marketing. Leuk om een uitgebreide analyze te zien van mijn webwinkel, blog en gebruik van overige social media. broesj mamamarketing