Thrifting Tuesday: What I found in Ghent!

25 August 2015 | category: Tuesday Thrift

Did you see my post about the visit to Ghent? These are the treasures I found at the flea market Lange Violettestraat.

Flea market finds


A fish potholder


Three brooches: Mickey, horse and a bow! The shiprack is already hanging in my kitchen for towels and I have no idea what to do with the black/white fabric. The rose image is now upon the wall inside my hallway.

Did you go thrifting recently?

5 tips for the best weekend citytrip Ghent

19 August 2015 | category: Thrift in the City


What to do when in Ghent only for the weekend? With these 5 tips you will have the best time during your citytrip Ghent!

Not so long ago my sister called me on a Friday. ‘How about going to Ghent tomorrow?’ she said.
I thought about my weekend, without any plans or exciting things. So Ghent it was!
We drove over Saturday and stayed (thanks to Tineke) at the NH hotel, which is located directly into the city centre.
I have been to Ghent a lot, when Kila lived there, but every time it surprises me with new exciting discoveries.


Since it was around the corner of our hotel, we stumbled upon something very nice…

Fleamarket Lange Violette!

fleamarket violettestraat Ghent flea market image image

It’s an annual flea market located at de Lange Violettestraat. We stumbled upon it by accident. Actually our navigation guided us to this street and we noticed that it was closed off because of the market. Lucky for us it was a two day market, so we visited it on Sunday.
The market is very, very large. It spreads out across the streets. There is a wide variety of stuff, but there are lots of clothes and actually a lot of really nice vintage items that are fairly priced. My sister even spotted these old bordeaux wines which she now regrets buying…

Where de Lange Violettestraat, Ghent (Belgium)
When Every year, check online for specific dates. The one we visited was in June.


ZOOT clothing Ghent

A kind of new discovery for me is ZOOT! There are two locations in Ghent of this boutique: one that focuses on shoes and one for clothing. The first one was so-so, but props for the one filled with clothing. Very nice brands, selected with an eye for detail and style. Tatty Devine necklaces, sugar hill dresses and Grace&Mila items from Paris. A must go! Both my sister and me enriched our wardrobe with finds from ZOOT.

Where Serpentstraat 8
Website Facebook (the picture is also from their Facebook page since I was too busy shopping to make a picture myself)

Huis Zwaluw

My must-visit go-to store with everything I would like to have. Orla Kiely, Ferm Living, House Doctor: everything is here.

Where Hoogpoort 3
Website Huiszwaluw

De Stokerij



From behind it looks like a brick building, nothing special. But walking around it (you see the title) you have this lovely terrace with a tree and lights. The food is tasty and atmosphere really good. And budget friendly as well.

Where Tichelrei 2A
Website De Stokerij


We didn’t visit this restaurant but it was recommended to us several times. It looked superb! However, reservation is a must (that’s why we didn’t eat here ;-)) Not super budget friendly.
Where Jan Breydelstraat 10

By the way, in the same street as Naturell House of Elliot is located. Another tip!


Overall Ghent is really lovely. Most of the people are really friendly and the area is beautiful. Have fun during your weekend!


Bonus tip: Restaurant De Statie

De Statie brecht
If you travel from Ghent to Holland by car you will come across a small town called Brecht. There is an old tram station, that is totally remodeled to a lovely restaurant. Fresh food and lovely fish, what else could you wish for? (Check the little barn behind it, so cute!)

behind de statie in brecht


Quick Summer Update

10 August 2015 | category: All the other lovely stuff

So summer is here! The big gooseberry time (komkommertijd) is on and since I haven’t taken a grand holiday (I only took of a week to visit Lisbon) I am working around the clock. I will enlighten you with a summer update about the Broesj’ headquarters. Hope you enjoy summer as well! x


The days are really summery and the temperature is high. That means when you are shopping  for ice cream you will find an empty freezer at the store, if you are too late.


But even when it’s 33 degrees celsius, it doesn’t stop us thrifting. (OK it was too hot and we stopped after 5 minutes)


I found two brooches! Yes! Swan and a circle with blue flowers.


We visited the Sofacompagnie showroom. So my first real sofa (!) will enter my living room this Wednesday. I am só excited!


This is the one. Fancy, don’t you think?!



After the showroom we visited the auction house. I have a thing for retro packaging. Look at this.


My auntie Bo visited and brought her new treasures to show. Soon to be available at her website, Bonbijou. IMG_5904

And yes, I also got the KonMari virus… It took me some time to clean up this mess and raid through my closet.
I also did all of my beauty products and make-up. But still have to go through every other category.


I made a vintage looking bun, taadaa!


This is how I spent my days. If I’m not working on location (in Rotterdam or visiting Winterswijk) I am behind my desk aka dining room table.


New Broesj cards are in.


Still love to packaging up orders.


So that’s it for now. Will have some rest with my blanket (lol, I LOVE blankets).

p.s. Do you like these kind of random updates? Or would you like to read more about brooches? Or maybe more city trip related information? Please let me know in the comments below if there is anything else you like to read more about :) Thanks! x


10 Tips for a weekend in Liège

4 July 2015 | category: Thrift in the City

10 Tips for Liège
A few weeks ago I visited Liège. I always thought that it would be a boring city with only ugly factories and industries. Little did I know that is a actually a perfect town to go to for a weekend getaway of just to browse around the small beer cafes and shops. Here are ten tips what to See, Drink, Eat and Do!


hoedenmaker luik

Looking for a quirky hat with a vintage brooch or a fun bag? At Delphine Quirin you will find the one. She also sells to Paris, Japan and Russia.

Rue Pierreuse 28

hoeden liege


shop liege

In this shop it’s all about up cycling. Benjamin Pailhe makes the items that are being sold in the store from left over garbage materials. The item’s are all unique and affordable. So for a special gift, check out this shop.

En Neuvice 14


Labo Liege Restaurant

I loved this place! It’s a bit hard to find, but when you enter the garden that’s tucked away behind the aquarium museum you will find a former chemical laboratorium that is turned into a restaurant. You can sit outside in the garden or find a table between the tubes and other lab glas. Good food, great wines.

Quai Edouard van Beneden 22



Two great options for beer. One is directly inside the city centre: Beerlovers. The beer being served here is from the Marsinne brewery that makes ecological beer called Leopold 7.

The other one is more hidden and especially great when the weather is good. It is next to the Brewery where they make the beer! The name is Brasserie {C}.

Rue de la Violette 9

Brasserie {c}
Impasse des Ursulines 14



Close to the brasserie C there is a very lovely park called Coteaux de la Citadelle with grand views over the city and perfect spots to have a small picknick.



If you wish to sleep close to the centre and wish for a bit more space and a wellness facility, Crowne Plaza is your go-to.

However, the more boutique style Hotel Novice is another perfect option. A small hotel located in the heart of Liege, decorated with a great sense of style.

Hotel Crowne Plaza Liege
Mont Saint Martin 9-11

Hotel Neuvice
En Neuvice 45

hotel neuvice liege


However I didn’t visit the market myself, I did spotted these signs. On Sunday’s there is a market called La Batte with foods, clothes and local goods. Check it out if you have time!

Located on the Quai de Maestricht.


Treinstation Luik

An easy way to go to Liege is by train. Another reason to go by train is the fab trainstation Luik-Guillemins. It’s amazing! An amazing design by the Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava.

So, that’s it for Liege! An easy way to book a stay and day activities is via the Outfi website.

Brandt & Levie Sausage Workshop aka Worstshop

30 June 2015 | category: All the other lovely stuff


This weekend my sister, friends and I attended the Brandt&Levie workshop aka Worstshop. Not a regular DIY art workshop, but a sausage making workshop! The guys of Brandt&Levie are real craftsmen. Inspired by their 7 month journey to Italy they decided that they would make fantastic sausages in a proper way.

Brandt Levie Ingredienten
So, the workshop. After a tour trough their workplace and get an insight in the sausage-making process we started. First we made a selection of the herbs we were gonna use. We decided to include a bit of Whisky as well, to give it a special kind of flavor.

Brandt Levie Worst Workshop

We carefully weighed all the herbs to create perfect balance.

Brandt Levie Worst Workshop overview

The oldskool machines were waiting for us to use them.
making of a sausage

After we decided on our extra ingredients and mixed these herbs, made our meat ready we started. It was actually difficult to learn! But eventually we had some feeling for it and ended up with proper sausages. Jee!

brandt levie workshop

At the end of the afternoon we had a delicious lunch with of course Brandt&Levie’s sausages and some perfect salads. Lovely!

So, try some Brandt&Levie sausages if you get the chance. They sell them on several spots here in Amsterdam, for example Marqt. And I could really recommend a workshop. The next on is on 11 July. Go Brandt&Levie!

Liège: Cité Miroir

23 June 2015 | category: Thrift in the City

Cite Miroir

I love abandoned places. Places where time stands still and everything is waiting for the passing of time. Or for exciting events to happen…
Last week we visited Liège. Our first stop was Cité Miroir. The Cité Miroir gave a second life to the former swimming pool and bathhouse Sauvenière.

cite-miroir 3

The renovation proces was huge. But it turned out beautifully. They kept a lot of the original features, like the staircase here on the left and the original tribunes.

Cite Miroir

cite miroir overview

Now a days the Cité Miroir is used for performances, debates, exhibitions, films and other educational activities. For example, in the former children’s pool there is a place for events. I love the original floor and the colors. Who doesn’t love this kind of blue?

Cite miroir floor

It was outstandingly hot that day. So a visit to the pool was a welcome addition. Even though there wasn’t any water. To match the water theme I wore my anchor shirt and seagull brooch, found in Brussels.


[The pictures before the renovation are from the Cité Miroir Gallery]

How a small brooch can grant you acces to a perfect party

12 June 2015 | category: Brooch Collection


Carolien of Reintroduced has a well chosen brooch collection. With pins in vibrant colors or special meaning she brightens her perfectly styled outfits. For Dutch, scroll down.

Om deze blogpost in het Nederlands te lezen, scroll naar beneden!

What is your favorite brooch in your collection and why?

‘My favorite was a pink brooch swallow which I lost during a move, I still have the hope to find him. At Best Kept Secret Festival I bought a new Broesj swallow brooch, a yellow one, which has since been favorite!’

What was the first brooch in your collection?

‘The golden swan I found between the jewelry from my grandmother. When I wore it pinned on a blouse my niece told me that the brooch actually belonged to my deceased aunt. She had brought it all the way from Australia to The Netherlands. A brooch with a lot of emotional value and therefore the beginning of a beautiful collection.’

Which brooch was last added to your collection?

‘The round gold brooch with white flowers, bought from Doortje Vintage in Eindhoven. I’m a photographer at Doortje’s and work as a graphic designer with the sisters, so a brooch from their store could not be missing in my own collection.’

Which brooch which is still on your wish list?

‘The perfect pineapple brooch! I can not choose between a gold or rather a plastic pastel color. Maybe I should just go for both.’

Do you have a special brooch story?

‘Not necessarily a special story, but I thought it was hip. At a party in Eindhoven everyone got a Boys Beer pin as an admission ticket. I thought it was really a super cool idea and wear the badge still quite often.’

Thank you for sharing your story, Carolien! Find all the other brooch collection posts here. If you wish to share your collection, do drop me a note.

For the interview in Dutch, continue reading!

Continue Reading…

Five Flea markets in Brussels

2 June 2015 | category: Thrift in the City

flea market vossenplein brussels Last weekend my aunt took my niece and me out to visit flea markets in Brussels, and to explore the city. Last year we went to Leuven, but weren’t very lucky in the town itself. Brussels made up for that. So here is a small guide if you go to Brussels for the flea markets.


The most famous flea market in Brussels. A square filled with stuff. A lot of China or other decorative items but also very nice dresses and if you search well you will find some gems. Definitely husstle the price down, they start with ridiculous high prices!
Every day from 06.00 until 14.00, in the weekends until 15.00

flea market brussels china plates and vases

collecting treasures vossenplein

Closeby at one of the corners there is a nice coffee place. Go upstairs, there you have a nice and light area. Do not order a large coffee, then you will receive a bowl like the one in the picture above.

Grote Zavel

Every weekend at the Grote Zavel there is a market. I cannot really call it a flea market: It’s a very posh market in a fancy neighborhood. The stalls consist of a tent and a table, all very chique. However there are some real gems there.
For example: I found this horse brooch. I payed 5 euros for it. Another stall (actually next to the one I purchased it!) also sold it, for 20 euro (!!!)

Vintage brooches, thrifted in Brussels

My thrifted brooches from de Vossenmarkt and Grote Zavel.

Passage 125, Blaasstraat

This is not a real flea market but a large shop, located in some kind of former church. It reminds me a bit of the Antiek Centrum Amsterdam. There is a huge variety of wonderful items. From lamps to brooches: You will find it all. And I even spotted a entire room that was for sale.
This is more for watching then actually buying, but maybe you are searching for a specific item. Chances are you will find it here.

Passage, vintage shop in Brussels

old lampshades old place brussels

old room brussels    building inside building


old hat shop brussels

Not a flea market actually, but a really nice passage with shops that look like they have been there a while.

Marjolaine, Magdalenasteenweg 7

Opposite to one entrance of the Konginnegallerij there is a very small shop with a lot of very nice items. From vintage items to ribbons in the back.

vintage jewellery brussels


The Best flea market , close to Brussels: Waterloo

If you have a car you must go to the flea market located at Waterloo. At the park space from the Carrefour there is a HUGE flea market. Trust me, this is a must. Also confirmed by the article The Guardian’s list of best European flea markets!
The market is every Sunday from 06.00.

waterloo fleamarket Brussel-Antique

Where to eat?

la maree restaurant brussels

By accident we ended up eating in La Marée. Take the subway to St. Cathelijne, have a beer at one of the lovely squares and take a small stroll to La Marée. And do order the Mussels!
La Marée, Vlaamsesteenweg 99

Where to sleep?

b and b brussels

B&B Nomades is a perfect house with very friendly hosts. It’s located in a very multiculti neighborhood but it’s super close to the Zuid Station. And the Art Deco room is decorated with vintage items the owners found at flea markets like Waterloo. Very suitable while visiting flea markets in Brussels to stay in a room in Brussels that carry thrift finds!

Vases and Flower Brooches

8 February 2015 | category: All the other lovely stuff

Just a quick note to say hello and let you know there are some flower brooches online.
Last week was very nice but busy. Lots of good things (it was poëzieweek, a week with lots of events around poetry). Furthermore my mom thrifted some brooches and today, between naps and making chicken soup I finally took some pictures again. So there are some new old flower brooches online. The next days a couple of more will follow.

vintage grey flower brooch daisy
vintage green flower brooch

vintage brooches thrifted pins

For an exhibition about Glass we visited the national Glass museum in Leerdam.

Doing research for the coming exhitbion on Glass. So a visit to Leerdam was a must!