Getting my very own place!

There has been a lot going on since my last post. The big news: I’m getting my own apartment.

Me and my roommate were living together for three years. We shared a large living room, a kitchen and I had a small separate bedroom. For the first time in my live I actually get separate rooms! I will own a kitchen, a living room and bedroom. Woehoeheoeh! Will have to share a bathroom with two other people, but that will be fine.

I am over the moon. When I first heard the news that I had to move out I was terrified. Finding a house in Amsterdam?! O my…. But luckily, because of all the retweets (thank you!), Facebook spam messages and a LinkedIn post I managed to getting it fixed. I am moving next week. O dear lord. I shared this image throughout social media (thanks Eliane for the tip about the share-able image):

Since I heard the news (and after some sleepless nights) I dive right into decorating inspiration. This opened a whole new spectrum for me.
I used to do this a lot: ‘read’ IKEA catalogues from cover to back, make furniture ‘mood boards’ and dream about large tables and fresh flowers.
While living with my roommate I did got a lot of freedom to decorate the house. Every little knick-knack was allowed. But after a while the house was full and I stopped (with a bit of resistance) buying small home treasures.

This image from my living room was featured in the series Tweedehands liefde in huis (Thrifted Love inside the house) Check out this blogpost from De Groene Meisjes (in Dutch) to see our place around may 2012.

But: Now I am allowed to decorate again! When cooking a meal I am looking inside our shared cabinets and think of the pieces that used to belong to me. Is it my bowl or maybe I own the sieve? Woehoeeeee!

The coming days will be filled some home inspiration posts :-) Yes!


3 responses to “Getting my very own place!”

  1. Gefeliciteerd met je nieuwe huisje lieve Babette! Het wordt vast en zeker een fantastisch plaatje. En wij komen heel graag weer langs om het vast te leggen :)


  2. Ow Broessie, het wordt zo goed! Succes, we leven mee hier :D

  3. Klinkt heerlijk! Haha ik kan me bijna de tijd niet meer herinneren dat ik mijn keuken moest delen maar wel de heerlijkheid van het daarna niet meer hoeven!

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