Flavourites Live 2012

After having a heavy week I could use some time off. So on friday, when Marije tweeted that she had a free ticket for Flavlive, won at Mamamarketing, I didn’t doubt. So on friday morning we went (in the pouring rain!) to flavourites. (Thanks Marije and MMMarketing!)

So overwhelming! It was super busy and there was so much nice stuff. I met some lovely tweeps (Anke, Saskia, Mirjam) and was happy to see some of my favorite online shops for real.

I was suprised to see Rapongi live. It’s one of my favorite shops in Amsteram. A very original store with a lot of original Japanese goodies. I didn’t buy anything, it was so incredible crowded! What I did buy:

1 //
ink pad & stamp from miss honeybird

2 //
stackers jewelry box, the green layer from La Vie de Marie

3 //
cat bells from deGeranium, wooden spoons and two plastic baskets from Pink lemon

4 //
honey comb balls from Studio Stationary

5 //
wrapping paper from eva&anne
(Eva&Anne was a very sympathetic unique little stand. The two ladies make graphic design goodies, like this wrapping paper. They also have notebooks, BEAUTIFUL letterpressed cards and labels. I wish I could show you some, but sadly their webshops only has dresses (?) lol. I will sent them a note to fix their webpresence so I can share the wonderfull-ness as well).

Did you go? What did you think about Flavourites Live 2012? :)

2 thoughts on “Flavourites Live 2012

  1. De spulletjes van Eva&Anne zijn inmiddels te verkrijgen op de website. Ik heb ook het inpakpapier gekocht maar ook de kaarten… zo leuk!! Ik = blij!!

  2. He babette, was leuk he? Graag gedaan hoor! Ik had deze post helemaal gemist, maar ik zag op mijn blog opeens een aantal bezoekers via jouw site, en toen kwam ik toch nog hier uit. Leuk!

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