Events: Hello Etsy

Starting on Friday asking my followers the question… ‘What brooch and earrings shall I wear?’

Then going by train to Tilburg, where I met with Hanneke. We did a sleep over at her parents house so we were both closer to Eindhoven. So the next morning, rise and shine… up to Hello Etsy. And boy did it was good!

All these amazing talks, inspiring people and meeting fellow Etsians. My head was packed with useful info and I didn’t want to miss a minute. So the only picture I took was one of Kruti Patel, with the title of her lecture. I think that sums the whole message of the day.

Luckily there was a talented photograher, Yann Pendaries, that took pictures of us. So here you see me and the final choise of brooches, next to Annelies and Imke. (And no I do not drink two glasses at the same time. I was bringing a coke t0 Corine)

Speaking of brooches… Look forward to my next blogpost!

p.s. at the blog from Hanneke you will see a lot more pictures. And me and Hanneke together :) Yes. Perfectly teamed up in pink!



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