Creasint – Love, community and… Flamingo’s?!

Yesterday at 21:00 we could finally open our #creasint packages. Wow! It was such a bizarre online experience. Everyone tweeted at the same time about opening their package. The pictures kept on coming and everyone was in a blissful state of mind. It felt so warm and as a big happy (twitter) family.

I sat on the table and opened my package as well. 

a box full with small gifts… and what was inside?…

Brooches! YES!

A Robin Magazine (good I didn’t buy one yet myself. Wanted to have one

A keychain

There was this one gift….It defintely deserves a special post. So that one will follow soon. Yes something about flamingo’s.

Also a sweet poem. Thank you so much, Mirjam!


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2 thoughts on “Creasint – Love, community and… Flamingo’s?!

  1. Wat een leuke post! Fijn dat de kadootjes in de smaak vallen :) Ik was blij dat ik de Country Living nog niet had gekocht haha en Molly Makes had ik nog niet gezien. Verheug me op de speciale vogel post!
    X M

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