Brooch Collection: Andrea

For today’s vintage brooch collection I am delighted to share the collection of Andrea. On Instagram I have seen her brooches and was always amazed by her fabulous style. Luckily she was very sweet and was willing to give us a peek into her collection. Have fun reading and thank you Andrea for sharing your brooch stories!


What’s your favorite brooch?

“My favorite brooch in my collection is the red bakelite and Lucite heart brooch, a gift from my boyfriend. It is a large and eye-catching piece that is versatile and looks great with so many different colors on blouses, jackets and sweaters alike. I also love the detail of the carved Lucite. Most of all, it is special because he did such a great job choosing a wonderful gift and genuinely surprised me on my birthday.”

Could you tell something about the first brooch you owned?

“The first brooch I can remember owning was a small, gold heart with an arrow going through it that my mom gave me when I was a little girl. My birthday is on Valentine’s Day and I have always loved to collect heart shaped things. I remember wearing it on Valentine’s Day as a child.”

Which brooch is the latest addition to your collection? 

“The latest addition to my collection is a vintage plastic banana brooch. I have been looking for one of these for a while and finally found it on eBay. Such a great score! I love tropical themes, so this brooch fits right in with fun Hawaiian prints on shirts and dresses.”
photo 3

photo 7

photo 5

photo self1

Which brooch is on your wishlist?

“I love novelty brooches in general, especially tropical and western themed. If I could wish for anything, it would be the amazing carved bakelite novelty brooches I see online and in antique shops. For example, the bakelite palm leaf with hanging coconuts, Josephine Baker with a banana skirt, a horse with dangling boots and a horseshoe, or colorful dangling vegetables, etc., etc. Normally they are incredibly expensive, but I enjoy just looking at all the beautiful and varied styles.”

Wishlist brooches:

Wish horse  Wish josieWish Palm coconut Wish Vegi_bakelite_brooch

“Since changing jobs and moving to a more corporate work environment, I have looked for ways to incorporate vintage into my work wear while maintaining a professional appearance. Wearing brooches has been a great way for me to add interest and fun to my work wardrobe, as well as my everyday outfits. I have enjoyed building my collection, it’s so fun to pick a brooch in the morning and build an entire outfit around it!”

photo 6    photo self4photo self3

So, are you ready for everything? Here is the entire collection. Halleluja!


I really love this collection! Wish I had so many dangling brooches. Just like the ice skates. And the bananas! And the pineapples… Well, everything. Which one is your absolute favorite?

If you like to keep updates on Andrea’s collection, find her on instagram by the name @galaboutmidtown.

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