Tuesday Thrifting: Small books and a special message…

So, this is what I scored yesterday when I did a quick visit to the local thrift store on my way to the mailbox.
A while ago I found a vintage magazine about asparagus. I hoped to found one again so I went straight to the cookbook section. There I found this lovely book.

Very cute illustrations.

But since I do not own a Presto Cooker I was in doubt about buying the book. But then I found a very very old note. With a fondue recipe. Because of my recent Switzerland visit (and fondue-overload) I was intrigued.


But it got even better: On the other side of the fondue recipe there was this coupon. The note says ’50 coupons a 50 cents from the Dutch Foundation of the very pour child’.


And it’s dated 1917. Holy Moly!

My other very kitsch but cool find.thrifting-tuesday12thrifting-tuesday09thrifting-tuesday11 thrifting-tuesday10

So, here’s a happy thrifter!

Today it snowed all day. I stayed at home working on some designs and in the late afternoon I set up my very portable Broesj-photography station to shoot some brooches.


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