Tuesday Thrifting: Enka Factory


Before I went to Stockholm, it was Christmas. On boxing day me and my mom went to the old Enka Factory to do some thrifting.


It gives such a nice atmosphere to walk around in the empty factory. There weren’t so many sellers or nice finds but while digging through all the crap we still were able to find some treasures.

I did not buy the tins or lights but the pacakging looks great, don’t you think? I did buy some other goodies. A special post will be contributed to the find of the day: THREE (!) botanical prints.

Here you see the brooches I found. My favorite is the saddle, I haven’t seen it before. For my mom’s dollshouses she bought this tiny machine. It’s a sample for the machine, but also for the cardboard and the plastic! How convenient :)

Apparently they also shoot wedding pictures in the ENKA-factory. I so understand, since the place looks kind of magical.

(bridal picutres by Mon et Mine)

3 thoughts on “Tuesday Thrifting: Enka Factory

  1. Toch fijne dingen gevonden! Wat een goeie locatie, bedankt voor de tip..ik ken iemand die gaat trouwen die ik dit adres weer door kan geven!

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