Thrifting Tuesday: Vintage Market

Last weekend me and my sister went to visit a small market. In my neighborhood, only a five minute walk! The great thing about it was that it was a vintage market!

I was a bit afraid everything would be super expensive (since it is already marked as ‘great vintage items’ instead of the usual clutter you normally have to dig through yourself) but it was not. We had a super day!Schermafbeelding 2013-03-28 om 19.31.54

My sister found two dresses as well. I took the risk by not-trying-them-on but my sweet sis hopped into a (heated!) van and tried the dresses on. They looked great on her. Mind you, it felt like a winter day with very strong winds. It was SUPER cold.


Score of the day:

2 vintage dresses (one confetti dress, pictured below)
2 sunglasses brooches
1 ice cream brooch
1 black pencil brooch
1 lips brooch

Schermafbeelding 2013-03-28 om 19.31.39

Pictures of the market belong to Jansen vintage, check out there Facebook page Here!


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