Thrifting Tuesday: Parents on the roll

My parents love to go to auctions. My aunt (she has a online jewelry shop, very fancy!) goes as well and sometimes I do as well. Look what they won this auction!


I am not sure if I like this peacock clock. It sure is colorful…


These image albums are known in the Netherlands. They are called ‘Verkade plaatjes’. You received the images when buying products from the Verkade-brand. This flower album is seen a lot.


But this sea album is a bit more rare! Look at all the fish :) It isn’t from Verkade but another factory.

leven der zee pijlinktvis salmon-image-vintage

This is the reason my dad bought the lot. A album full with images of cars! WOW. Amazing :)

van koets tot stroomlijn  vintage-classic-car-2 vintage-classic-car

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