Thrifting Tuesday: Through the roof!

20 January 2015 | category: Tuesday Thrift

Since I moved I have the perfect excuse to go thrifting again. Sadly the thrift store that is close to my house has prices that are through the roof. I was searching for a simple white ceramic pot. I found the perfect one. But then the price: ten euros. TEN! Are they crazy?! I would like to pay 10 cents, pardonnez-moi.

I ended up buying nothing but having fun when seeing former teapot collection.

vintage teapot collection

Then I found something that looked promising. The Antiekbeurs.

antiekbeurs amsterdam

Also crazy prices. But lovely chairs…

vintage chairs amsterdam Vintage chairs

Speaking of chairs, I have began the search for the perfect sofa. I would like to find a small wooden design bench with a perfect wooden frame and nice pillows. Something like this. So Universe, please help me out on this one. I am willing to pay more then ten euros for this beauty so do not worry ;-)

vintage beauty couch

In my home-shopping tour I came across Rare Bird, a perfect gift store just a 1 minute walk from my house. Next to sweet vintage items they sell great products from illustrators. I fell in love with this particular pillow from Donna Wilson. How great would it combine with my further vintage sofa?

nicola rowlands pillow cat owl


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