Thrifting Tuesday: Enka part III

Remember my first post about the ENKA factory? Me and my mom went there again! During easter there was a flea market. My mom went on Saturday and found these:

A saddle brooch, tooth paste brooch (definitely from the sixties, the lady who sold it told it she got it from her aunt a long long time ago), lavender brooch and a brown head brooch.


I also found a vintage south africa map entirely made out of animals. How cool is that? I am devoloping an obession for vintage school pictures and large vintage maps. Ah well… Luckily they don’t take up so much space ;-)


My brooch-score on easter monday was great as well. Woeh! My favorite is the guitar playing mexican.
When we saw the white letters my mom was immediatly happy. At first I wasn’t (ooooh more stuff) but I am so glad we díd buy them.


The next ENKA-flea market is already blocked in our planners, we will definitely go again!

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