The 15 vintage brooches I found this weekend

Vintage brooches I thrifted this weekend

You might have seen these when you follow broesj via Facebook, but nevertheless I love to share them. These are the brooches I found at the IJhallen this weekend. The IJhallen are two huge hangars that are the venue for a giant flea market, every month here in Amsterdam. A must-go! Everything is super expensive though, but if you dig deep and find some non-regular vendors its worth taking a look.

IJ hallen rommelmarkt

I’ve payed way too much for the tourist brooches but I couldn’t resist. There was a whole hat (!) covered in them. I tried to buy the hat but the lady didn’t want to say goodbye to the brooches. She told me that it stood on her mantlepiece and that she looked at it sometimes. I would give her all my cash money (40 euros) for the hat but she declined.

Vintage tourist brooches

So after some time (decisions, decisions) I choose these four. My grandma actually lived in Putten so that’s why I chose that one. Furthermore I like boats (my last name is Zijlstra. A Zijl means ‘sail’ in Dutch ;-)) and I have a thing for cicadas.

Lea Stein Frog brooch

I also found a frog. Not a regular one, no. It has a Lea Stein clasp on the back. And it also looks like the Lea Stein Plastic. But I have never seen it before, not in the Lea Stein books of on the internet. Is there anybody reading this who has some information about this crazy frog?

Lea Stein frog brooch - backside

I love thrifting! Not knowing if you are going to discover hidden treasures. That brooches are small makes it even more fun and irritating: You have to check every single box. You never know!

IJ hallen thrifting

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