Thrift Share Tuesday

This monday I finally could go thrifting again. There is a strange thrift store 5 minutes away from my home. When I worked at home I went there almost every day. That really helped me find some beautiful stuff (and fill my house in a rapid tempo…) So now when I have time to go there it’s extra special. I was actually searching for a cabinet to put all my brooches in. Because my collection still grows I have a hard time storing and sorting them. Right now I keep them in zipper bags. It is an horrible orginazation.Well, back to my findings. I bought a small waist bin, a brown sweater and these beauties! Sadly there was only one pink mug, but ah well… A thrifter can’t whine, can we? ;)

While editing this photo I thought of a photoshop action I used a while ago. So I will make a new blogpost about how to use actions! Yes :)


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