The Traveling Vintage Item

I loveeee to find packages in my mailbox. And this weekend there was one, yes! Nicely wrapped in with my favorite twine. But wait, there was a small envelop on top!

From Sas!

This made me smile. Saskia, one of my Twitter friends, is always telling the most hilarious stories about confetti on Twitter. This may sound a bit weird but you have to imagine a random tweet about a meal/day/feeling/whatever and then Sas will tweet :*throws confetti in the air”
So when I opened the small envelop, you may guess it: there was CONFETTI :) In there there was her business card with her blog address.
After the Confetti Crazyness I continued to unwrap the package… And there it was. The Travelling Vintage Item from Oh Marie! When they launched their fabuloous online magazine attendees of the launch party all got a Travelling Item. This lovely bird started with Nikki from Liefgeval and  then went to Saskia (the confetti lover) and now it’s landed with me. Love to have it for a little while. I found the perfect spot to display it, it’s hanging there as we speak. I will show you this week.

lovely bird


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