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Perfect Place: Stockholm

I’m back! After Christmas me and one of my lovely friends went to Stockholm. To see the city, relax, wander around (mostly in the dark, because it’s dark around 3 o’clock in the afternoon – crazy!) and celebrate new years eve. The city looked very classy and cozy at the same time. Here are some overall tourist style pictures ;) Expect to find some Stockholm tips (what to do, where to eat) the coming days. Glad to be back. Hope you guys had a wonderful holiday as well.  

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Christmas & See You Soon

Did you enjoy Christmas? I hope you have had a wonderful time. I went to my parents and had a super relaxing celebration. Since we didn’t celebrate Sinterklaas this year, there were some gifts underneath the tree. Thank you, Santa! I received mittens, the Flow Winterbook, candles, soap and some other lovely goodies. We had a wonderful dinner. On Wednesday mom and me went to the fleamarket! YES. That was kinda strange but great. A post dedicated to my thrifting will follow. Right now I am packing and leaving for Stockholm! Will be home in a […]