Thrifting Tuesday: Through the roof!

20 January 2015 | category: Tuesday Thrift

Since I moved I have the perfect excuse to go thrifting again. Sadly the thrift store that is close to my house has prices that are through the roof. I was searching for a simple white ceramic pot. I found the perfect one. But then the price: ten euros. TEN! Are they crazy?! I would like to pay 10 cents, pardonnez-moi.

I ended up buying nothing but having fun when seeing former teapot collection.

vintage teapot collection

Then I found something that looked promising. The Antiekbeurs.

antiekbeurs amsterdam

Also crazy prices. But lovely chairs…

vintage chairs amsterdam Vintage chairs

Speaking of chairs, I have began the search for the perfect sofa. I would like to find a small wooden design bench with a perfect wooden frame and nice pillows. Something like this. So Universe, please help me out on this one. I am willing to pay more then ten euros for this beauty so do not worry ;-)

vintage beauty couch

In my home-shopping tour I came across Rare Bird, a perfect gift store just a 1 minute walk from my house. Next to sweet vintage items they sell great products from illustrators. I fell in love with this particular pillow from Donna Wilson. How great would it combine with my further vintage sofa?

nicola rowlands pillow cat owl


December: Moving, closing and beginning

15 January 2015 | category: All the other lovely stuff

Hope you have had great holidays. After all the festivities and other activities in the end of december (I moved! Yes, again. I can’t believe it either but I will tell you more about it soon) I am back to work and also back to Broesj.

A small recap of other things happened in december:

The boxes are labeled with brooch-categories... I wonder what my moving crew will think ;-)

I moved! Yes, again… For about a week there was a house of boxes growing in my apartment.

Yes almost finished the wall of boxes. I can't believe that Sunday I will be living somewhere else! moving

But look at my new place! I’m so happy.


And my new old ATAG stove.


In my tiny kitchen where I prepared retro snacks for new years eve.

old fashioned snacks

While working in our temporary Etsy shop called the WinterWinkel I wore my fabulous Christmas brooches. Sadly I did not find the time to put them into the shop. Hopefully I can plan things better and put them in the shop before next Christmas.

I have a new obsession: Christmas Brooches! Since I missed noveltybroochfriday i show my tree brooch I wear today, while working in the winterwinkel. That's our temporary Etsy Pop-up shop :)

Here we are at our last day of the shop. Bye bye shop!

closing down our pop-up shop

Packed all the goodies and returned them to their owners. Etsy pop-up winter winkel closing

Around Christmas I visited my parents and help my dad built his lego Volkswagen camper.

volkswagen lego

Setting up improvised photo studio for my etsy shop

And now, back to work. Also trying to find a new perfect spot for photographing new old brooches so I can stock the shop again.
Also lots of work to do, trying to prioritize everything I want to do. That’s the challenge for 2015.

Brooch Collection: Claire (from NoveltybroochFriday)

12 December 2014 | category: Brooch Collection
handmade brooches
Today is a good day. Not only there is finally a Brooch Collection post online. But it’s one of the founders of NoveltyBroochFriday* that is willing to share her lovely collection. Meet Claire!
* every friday people all over the world share a picture of their brooch that they wear that day and tag the picture with the hashtag #noveltybroochfriday
Claire Brooches
Which one is your favourite and why? 
It is so hard to pick a favourite but If I can, I’d pick a type: it would be the recent handmade brooches I have collected.  There are so many fantastic crafters and artists out there, I love to support them by purchasing their work and wearing it.
For example: Curious Pip, Jam Fancy, A Little Vintage Doll, Demure Couture, Each To Own, Sophie McPike, Curlypops, Minini
ladybird Lea Stein brooch
Could you tell something about the first brooch you owned?
My first brooch was bought for me by my husband about 10 years ago, it’s a Lea Stein ladybird brooch. I remember admiring a window display of Lea Stein’s brooches and jewellery, lucky for me my hinting paid off and I received one for my birthday that year. Last Christmas he surprised me with another Lea Stein brooch, a fantastic harlequin cat.
Brooches Lea Stein
Which brooch is the latest addition to your collection? 
(note: I actually asked Claire this a while ago. So probably by now she added a few to her collection!) 
I recently purchased a Luxulite giant lobster, it’s so fantastic! I love wearing large brooches, they make me happy and I usually get a lot of comments, some favourable, some perplexed that I would wear a lobster, or carrots or a man’s head on me.
Lobster Luxulite brooch

Which brooch is on your brooch-wishlist? 
I love the large plastic and wood brooches of the 1940’s, they were a lot of fun, they had that novelty appeal and they make me smile.

Vintage brooches

 Thank you so much Claire for your answers and for giving us an insight into your collection.
Since not so long Claire went back illustrating again. And she is so talented! I recently purchased her zine ‘Around Town’.
I love the fact that her characters also wear brooches! For example the lady in pink here wears a Lea Stein brooch.

Check out this pink lady drawing and other lovely pieces of art (and the zines, they are great!) in her Etsy shop

Lea Stein ladybug brooch

Find Claire on Instagram to see all the fabulous brooches she wears. Read more about #NoveltyBroochFriday on her blog or stop by her Etsy shop.

Tuesday Thrift: 7 Brooches and dumpster diving

25 November 2014 | category: Tuesday Thrift

Finally I went thrifting again! Yes.

But before I go to the thrifting part, I did found some other treasures. On the street!

IMG_3461 IMG_3494

The one big thing missing since I moved was a sofa. And tada, I found one. Since I live on the 4th floor (and we do not have an elevator) this was the perfect solution, since I could carry it upstairs.
The small desk / cabinet was a bit heavier, but luckily I had a dinner party organized that night so my friends helped me to bring it upstairs. I still have no perfect spot for it yet (hence the picture ;-)) but I will find one. It’s just lovely. The little drawers have red/white paper inside that is just the cutest.


Me and my sister went thrifting this weekend. Sadly our favorite thrift store had the idea to rearrange. So instead of a lovely display with all the brooches layed out they are tucked in baskets between all the bracelets. Digging makes the thrift experience better but now it’s a bit demotivating seeing only bracelets. Ah well…

christmas tree brooch

I found a christmas tree brooch! Woehoeh! And the best part: It doesn’t miss any rhinestones!

Thrifted vintage brooches

I love the bird.


And some flowers.

How a Broesj brooch ended in a Etsy TV commercial

22 November 2014 | category: Brooch news

One of the perks of having an Etsy shop is the easy way that customers can contact you. I love to receive pictures of happy customers who are wearing their brooch. A while ago I received this message from Max Rosie:

Not sure if you remember me, but i bought a Turquise Horse Brooch off you back in February 5th 2014. It was the first item i ever bought on etsy when i opened my first Shop. In the United Kingdom Etsy have just made their first Etsy UK Television advert and i was lucky enough to be chosen by etsy to be in it along with 66 other etsy sellers – Yay!

Vintage horse brooch sold by Broesj on Etsy

I had an Official Etsy Photograph taken of me on the set by a craft magazine company called “Mollie makes” and i now added the photo to my About Me Page. In The photo i am wearing “Your Turquoise Horse Brooch” – As i wear your Horse Brooch EVERYDAY as it helps keep me focused on Etsy and also i love the brooch too.

Max Rosie



… So i wanted to give you something back in return … (hope that makes sense) and now your Brooch has in a way/kind of been in an Etsy TV advert! yay!

Max Rosie wearing a Broesj brooch

This is the picture of Max. He is wearing two buttons he sells in his shop.

Not so long ago Max started to sell vintage housewares on Etsy and even started his 2nd shop called Alright Monkey Bottom.
There he sells 1″ Badges and 58mm Pocket Mirrors.

Although i am a blurry grey figure in the background i was actually wearing your Horse brooch so in a way you can say your work has been worn by someone in the Etsy TV Advert!!

Here’s a screenshot:

Etsy UK advert

How awesome! Check the full advert here:

 “One is a street photo from the edge of the street were the camera filmed from, the film camera was on the front of a pick up truck which drove at 40mph across the end of the street and filmed the advert in Super Slow motion which meant the actually advert ‘Film Take’ took about 2-3 seconds from ‘Action’ to ‘Cut’! They filmed it at high speed so the film would play back in slow motion! Which is what you see in the television advert!”


vintage horse brooch jumping in the streets

One photo is a ‘Television advert still shot’ from the street scene were I was stood next to the big telegraph pole waving on the right in the finished advert, and i was wearing your badge on my jumper (even though you can’t see it!).

Etsy UK street for filiming commercial 2

Etsy UK street for filiming commercial

This is so awesome Max. Thank you so much for bringing my horse brooch on set and for loving the brooch.
I really like the fact that it bring you so much inspiration!

Have a great weekend everyone. Are you planning on doing something nice?


Brooch Collection: Annelies

15 November 2014 | category: Brooch Collection

Sunday, time for a brooch collection. This time round we see a part of the Annelies’ collection. She is the owner of the blog Allihoppa, a DIY-queen and a good friend of mine. She was also the star at the Best Kept Secret Festival, she helped out behind our booth (thanks again, Annelies!)

Voor het bericht in het Nederlands scroll verder naar beneden!

What is your favorite brooch in your collection and why?

“My favorite brooch is – oh how can I choose – well, I still think the wooden fox. Which I got from my husband who saw it on the website of the Bont voor Dieren (a organization against fur).”

“There is by the way a funny story to it. The first time I wore the brooch I didn’t get it pinned properly. I asked my husband if he could help me. And then we both smelled fire. We went out looking, but fortunately saw no fire. As we went back to pinning the brooch, we smelled again fire.
Guess what? It was the fox! It is lasercut and it smells pretty good.

wooden fox brooch

By the way, not all my brooches are pictured. I think there are a few still pinned on my cardigans.
Not smart, before you know it they end up in the laundry basket…”

allihoppa vintage flower brooch

Continue Reading…

The Week in Brooches

13 October 2014 | category: Week in brooches

Happy Monday. How have you been? Here all goes well. Work is going fine and things are busy, so that’s a good sign. Still struggling not to bee too busy. It’s a challenge. Especially when you are your own boss. Here is what I’ve been up to lately, told through brooches!

There have been a lot of regular working days with me sitting behind the computer.
Apparently I have a theme: Work days mean blue shirts and flower brooches.

vintage blue flower brooch
Colorful flower brooch

My favorite pair Heinz Brooches: The ketchup and the pickle pin. I love the set. I’ve bought them on eBay a while ago. They were pinned on the original card!

Heinz ketchup pickle brooch

Annelies, Annabel and I visited the Woonbeurs. I was a bit disappointed by the overal lack of creativity (why is there so little really creative ideas shown there?!) but the 101 Woonideeën booth was really lovely. They even had a white eiffeltower that matched my Eiffeltower brooch perfectly.

Woonbeurs 101 woonideeen huis wit eiffeltoren


Final two pictures shot at the Antiek Centrum Amsterdam. My aunt and niece brought me there again and I love it. It’s such a huge place filled with so many different objects. Hard to resist all the temptations.

Vintage jewelry

Antiek Centrum Amsterdam

Zo, dat was de week weer! De tijd vliegt voorbij he. Hier is alles prima: Veel aan ‘t werk. Gelukkig is er genoeg te doen. Het blijft lastig om niet teveel hooi op mijn vork te nemen. Vooral als eigen baas is dat soms echt een uitdaging. Vooral met een winkel die we in november openen is het een uitdaging om rustig te blijven…. Adem in en uit. 

Wat heb ik verder nog gedaan, naast werken? Ik vertel je over mijn week aan de hand van broches! Klik hier rechts op ‘Translate’ om de site in het Nederlands te lezen. Fijne week allemaal! 


DIY: Brooch Wreath

20 September 2014 | category: DIY

If you have too many brooches*, you do not wear brooches anymore or you just want to do something crafty: Why not make a brooch wreath?

DIY brooch wreath
Gold Christmas brooch wreath

If you are not willing to sacrifice all your brooches, check out Fiorella’s shop. She sells amazing wreaths!

Christmas brooch wreath

All the pictures in this post belong to Fiorella

*in my opinion you can never have to many brooches!

Lovely weekend in Leuven

18 September 2014 | category: Thrift in the City

Our first road trip was a great succes. Since we had so much fun we decided to make it an annual tradition. This year we ended up in Leuven!

IMG_2824 Gold telephone brooch IMG_2834

The team! Maggie Again, AllihoppaMouseblossom and yours truly.

When we were lost we ended up in something I call Brooch Paradise. The shop was called Hexagoon. It’s a must-see for fabric, craft material, fabrics, scarfs and: BROOCHES! They we so incredibly awesome. I had to chose one from the three above. Finally I went for the black bird brooch.

Black bird brooch

The next day we decided to do some thrifting! We made a very professional list and went to Brussels!

Thrifting Leuven 3 Thrifting Leuven 2
Maggie as a professional thrifter (check the sunglasses and Moussie was hiding behind a clothes rack. Thrifting Leuven
It was a lovely weekend. I can’t wait for next year! Check the other ladies their blogposts:

Mouseblossom – Part 1
Mouseblossom – Part 2
Allihoppa – De week rond

Vintage inspired shoes: Orla Kiely meets Clarks

15 September 2014 | category: All the other lovely stuff

Orla Kiely meets Clarks: Orla Dotty

I had no idea why but I was feeling a bit under the weather last week. I Probably needed to adjust getting back to work after the most perfect holiday ever.
Then I received news that made my day. It involved Orla Kiely. And boy, I love her patterns! They are so colorful, bold an retro-inspired. Every day I carry around ‘her’ laptop sleeve. Next to laptop sleeves, bags and wonderful bedding Orla Kiely now designs shoes! She joined forces with Clarks and they have produced an autumn/winter collection.

I was allowed to choose one pair and try them out. After a phone call with my mom (and not listening to her advise) I decided to go for Orla Dotty. The one with the T-strap and 8cm high heels…You must know that I usually wear sneakers. Lately, while trying to look a bit more sophisticated, these are switched for more professional shoes. But still ballerina’s or other flat shoes. There is never a 8cm high heel involved…


Remembering a friend of mine who once told me that Clarks shoes had some kind of special footbed I went wild and chose the Dotty model. I went for the black one, although I loved the yellow/brown combo also. But browsing through my wardrobe the black one combined better.

And I’m not disappointed! They walk really sturdy. Of course I have to get used to walking in higher heels. But they look perfect combined to all my vintage dresses ánd I can wear them on a daily basis while going to meetings and such. Yay I’m happy!

By the way: I am also loving the box and the pouch they were shipped in. Cute!

box orla kiely

Check out the Orla Kiely – Clarks collection here

Een week geleden voelde ik me blegh. Ik miste de vakantie en had moeite om weer aan het werk te gaan. Toen kreeg ik een mailtje. Dat maakte mijn dag goed. Het ging over Orla Kiely. Eigenlijk ben ik dan al gelijk om.

Ik hou van haar prachtige retro patronen en sleep elke dag trouw ‘haar’ laptophoes overal mee naar toe. Elke keer in een design winkel kwijl ik bij de dekbedovertrekken. Wat bleek nu: Orla Kiely heeft samen met Clarks een schoenen lijn uitgebracht! Ik mocht een paar schoenen uitkiezen om te proberen. Normaal gesproken draag ik sneakers. De laatste tijd probeer ik al wel wat nettere schoenen te dragen (na een opmerking van een buurman of ik studente was… Zucht.) 

Orla Kiely Shoes Clarks

Omdat ik meende te herinneren dat een goede vriendin ooit iets zei over de fijne voetbedden van dit soort merken waagde ik een gok en bestelde ik de Orla Dotty: De schoen met de 8cm hoge hak… 

En het gaat goed! Ik kan er stabiel op lopen en ga er gerust een ommetje op maken. Ik moet natuurlijk nog wel even wennen, maar ik ben zo blij dat ik nu een paar schoenen heb die ik ook goed kan dragen bij mijn jurken!

Bekijk de hele collectie hier.