Meet the Blogger Part 2: Woonbeurs

Day two from Meet The Blogger. A trip to the Woonbeurs! Starting the day with a small champagne & a brownie, hell yeah.

IMG_7603 IMG_7689

Okay, so far the pretty furniture. Some neon, some gradients. Insert some cactusses in glass boxes and volia: a hip interiour for 2013 ;-)

IMG_7556My socializing friends! They are perfect company for events like this. We are planning our next trip as we speak. Proves that social media is good for real friendships!

My ULTIMATE Woonbeurs favorites:

I cannot remember how I found Like Stationery. While on Instagram I found out that they would be on the Woonbeurs as well. So we searched for them and yes: it was perfect. By far the nicest pop-up shop. And maybe also one of the non-Woonbeurs-like shops. Ah well…


Who doesn’t like vintage maps, enamel and chairs? From Six and Sons. Also a (nice) bearded guy over there. (Check Kay’s blog for a picture. By the way, Kay recognized me through my brooch. Yes! So nice meeting her :))

Oh boy, the VT Wonen Barn was pretty cool as well. Especially hearing how the chief of styling made her choices, where she found her inspiration et cetera. But Meet The Blogger, how can you schedule a tour when you know that you expect a 100 people!? Well, we created our own tour ;-)


Remember laughing so hard that you forget everything and almost wet your pants? That is how these women make me feel :) While browsing through the lovely (white!) Ariadne home we played a hide-and-seek game. Oh boy, that. was. fun.

Mijn verslagje van de Woonbeurs. Neon, cactussen, noem maar op. We hebben heel veel plezier gehad. Meet The Blogger was vooral leuk om mensen te ontmoeten, te spreken, tips uit te wisselen en om de week eens anders te beginnen. 

4 thoughts on “Meet the Blogger Part 2: Woonbeurs

  1. Die champagne heb ik niet gezien hoor… al die andere mooie dingen wel! Leuk de bloggers in levende lijve te zien en inderdaad een super begin van de week:-)

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