Meet the Blogger, Meet the Brooches!

I’ve learnt some new tips and information on blogging during Meet the Blogger. I’ve met some fabulous people and could chat a lot with people I already knew. And at the Woonbeurs I saw a lot of furniture, some trends that you have to incorporate in your living room in 2013 et cetera. But I would be Broesj if I didn’t search for brooches.
Last year at Hello Etsy also went on a brooch hunt. I must say: That was a lot easier. Etsy people wear more brooches then lifestyle and design-bloggers. Apparently.

An overview of the brooches worn during Meet The Blogger / Woonbeurs 2013

meettheblogger-brooch-14These two brooches Marieke from Pimpelwit wore. The left brooch is a 3d-printed one and the right one is cross stitched.





meettheblogger-brooch-04The first time that I saw a brooch like this. The woman who wore it I stumbled upon in the cloakroom. She told me that she received it from the Woonbeurs. I was very surprised that the Woonbeurs invited people with a brooch! She was asked to wear it and so she did.







meettheblogger-brooch-01In the showroom where we could see Designersguild these two lovely brooches were worn by Wilhemine, the owner of the Wilhelmine van Aerssen Agency. She was very surprised that I asked to photograph her brooch. She told me the cameo brooch used to belong to her mother but now Wilhemine wears it. She said ‘My mom would be very pleased if she could see that you take a picture of the brooch;. She combines the cameo with another brooch.






This shiny brooch was thrifted by one of the volunteers who helped guide us all day through the Meet the Blogger Conference. She bought it at a flea market.








becoloredDenise from Becolorand wore this mourning brooch. It looked very chic pinned on her black shirt. It’s probably made of jet, but we weren’t sure. It looked exactly like my mourning brooch I found a while ago in Gent.







meettheblogger-brooch-03This is Yvonne’s cardigan with a large Meet the Blogger button ánd a Broesj-brooch. I joined her and Annelies for the festive events.
She is a Broesj fan, she even wore one during her wedding day. How cool is that?!






meettheblogger-brooch-06This was the brooch I wore. The good thing was: Kay recognized me through my brooch!






The woman I met in the cloakroom with the Woonbeurs pin wouldn’t be the last time I saw a Woonbeurs pin. To be continued…


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