Madeleine Albright and her pins

Who doesn’t love Madeleine Albright? Besides being a politician and diplomat she became one of the most famous brooch-ladies of our time.Madeleine-Albright-Read my Pins-Exhibition 02

Madeleine but didn’t realize how attentive the American public was ‘reading her pins’ until after she was out of office. Then there followed an exhibition displaying all of her pins. That is one exhibition I would really. like. to. see.

Madeleine-Albright-Read my Pins-Exhibition 01

Madeleine Albright, former US Secretary of State, Press Conference at SI Castle

A Dutch designer also made a brooch for Madeleine. Gijs Bakker created a Lady Liberty pin with two small clocks for the eyes in opposing directions, enabling Madeleine to glance down at one clock and her visitor to view the other clock.


The pin is on the cover of the book ‘Read my pins’, which is about her life, told through the brooches she wears.

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