Lovelies: Letterbak a.k.a. Type Case Drawer

When we had the Etsy Winter Picknick at Maaike‘s place I spotted this lovely Type Case Drawer. I had seen them before, but still found them a bit dull. But not Maaike’s! She had placed brooches in them, little treasures and goodies. I was in love.



Do check out the insect in the right bottom corner. She makes those as brooches. They are hand made!

So my hunt was for a type case drawer. I didn’t want a huge one, because I also wanted to take the drawer to markets. When I sell brooches, they would perfectly fit in  those little spots!


Sandra (who I follow on Instagram) was busy with her type case: She filled every part with a lovely image! WOW this looks so sweet!


Paper art in a type case, by Helen Musselwhite


Type case with handmade stamps from Muswerk (photo also from Muswerk)

Daphne and I had coffee this morning, close to All the Luck in the World. I wanted to go there for a while, so we stopped and took a look.

picture from their website. It almost looks like a giant type case don’t you think? ;)

And there it was! A small type case :) Yes. Can’t wait to fill it!



Here is a snapshot of how it looks (a bit) filled. Yes!


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