DIY: Make a rubber stamp

I use my stamp on my broesj-packages.

A week ago, Hanneke and I attended the Rubber-stamp Making workshop. The workshop was a gift from me for Hanneke for her wedding. I gave her husband a passport holder ;)

The workshop took place in the fine Garage C building in Rotterdam. It was organised by Lisa Manuels, who has a very very nice shop with lots of handmade goodies.

The workshop was led by Tara from Kitty Darkness Design She and her co-workshop leader were very helpful.

How to make a stamp

You will need: A rubber block/ereaser,  a gouge, a design

1. Pick a design. Draw or trace the design on tracing paper, do this with a pencil.
2. Rub the design on the eraser. The design is set mirrored on the eraser.
3. Redraw the design with a black waterproof pen, over the original rubbed-off drawing, so the design will stay visible.
4. Start with the gouge. Take the pieces out of the eareser that is not black. Do it gently.
The most important tip: Turn the eraser and not your tool!

Once we got the hang of it we made some extra stamps. I made a christmas tree!

All the stamps that were made during workshops were tested  is a small booklet. This was definitely my favorite! Stamp combinations with rooftops and buildings. How cute! Hanneke made the teapot stamps and a star.


3 thoughts on “DIY: Make a rubber stamp

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