DIY: Gardening at home

While I live on the second floor in an appartment I do not have a very large garden. I only have a small balcony where I have two lovely flowerpots. That’s pretty much the only gardening I do. Inspired by my Pinterest Friends I collected a lot of images on how to do your own gardening in a small space. Think of herb cans, mini green houses and lots of nice plants. Enjoy!


gardening at home

and then decorate the kitchen with some herbs in funky cans. Yes!


While searching for herbs around the interwebs I came across a blog with the most funniest name I have every seen: The arugula files (arugula is the english word for Rucola, as we say in Dutch). It’s the most yummiest foodblog. Worth checking out. There I found this image of herb-savers. Have you ever seen one? I only knew the second one. My sisters roommate has one for her minty-leaves. They seem to work. But you can also put your fresh herbs into a glass and put a sack on top of them. Or as my niece taught me, wrap the herbs in a clean wet (but not soaking) cloth.

herb saversplant row | bottles | little faces | pink balcony | indoor greenhouse | table plants | cactus | cans

happy face planter



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