December: Moving, closing and beginning

Hope you have had great holidays. After all the festivities and other activities in the end of december (I moved! Yes, again. I can’t believe it either but I will tell you more about it soon) I am back to work and also back to Broesj.

A small recap of other things happened in december:

The boxes are labeled with brooch-categories... I wonder what my moving crew will think ;-)

I moved! Yes, again… For about a week there was a house of boxes growing in my apartment.

Yes almost finished the wall of boxes. I can't believe that Sunday I will be living somewhere else! moving

But look at my new place! I’m so happy.


And my new old ATAG stove.


In my tiny kitchen where I prepared retro snacks for new years eve.

old fashioned snacks

While working in our temporary Etsy shop called the WinterWinkel I wore my fabulous Christmas brooches. Sadly I did not find the time to put them into the shop. Hopefully I can plan things better and put them in the shop before next Christmas.

I have a new obsession: Christmas Brooches! Since I missed noveltybroochfriday i show my tree brooch I wear today, while working in the winterwinkel. That's our temporary Etsy Pop-up shop :)

Here we are at our last day of the shop. Bye bye shop!

closing down our pop-up shop

Packed all the goodies and returned them to their owners.Etsy pop-up winter winkel closing

Around Christmas I visited my parents and help my dad built his lego Volkswagen camper.

volkswagen lego

Setting up improvised photo studio for my etsy shop

And now, back to work. Also trying to find a new perfect spot for photographing new old brooches so I can stock the shop again.
Also lots of work to do, trying to prioritize everything I want to do. That’s the challenge for 2015.


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