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  • Events: Hello Etsy

    Events: Hello Etsy

    Starting on Friday asking my followers the question… ‘What brooch and earrings shall I wear?’ Then going by train to Tilburg, where I met with Hanneke. We did a sleep over at her parents house so we were both closer to Eindhoven. So the next morning, rise and shine… up to Hello Etsy. And boy…

  • Stamp Sunny Sunday

    Stamp Sunny Sunday

    Hello Etsy 2012 was amazing! We have learned so much, met all those lovely people and are truly inspired. Today I visited a stamp making workshop. And now travelling home for some me-time. Story about Hello Etsy and the workshop will follow! Enjoy this sunday evening guys.

  • Tomorrow: Hello Etsy 2012

    Tomorrow: Hello Etsy 2012

    I’m really looking forward to tomorrow. Together with Hanneke I will be visiting Hello Etsy. It will be our first time at a Hello Etsy event. I am quit thrilled to meet my fellow Etsians again and meet some new people. Regarding to the speakers I really want to hear Janine Vangool speaking (she just…

  • Broesj for the first time in a ‘real’ shop

    Broesj for the first time in a ‘real’ shop

    It’s a historical day. Broesj is for the first time for sale in a ‘real’ shop. Yeah! Check out this first snap shot, took by the shop owner herself. Do you see the brooches (and my business cards?) hanging on a thread? I really like what they have done. It is inspired on my brooch-display…

  • Link loved: My Milk Toof

    Link loved: My Milk Toof

    Yesterday I went to visit the dental hygienist. It was not so much fun (what did I say, it was horrible). But I know it’s for a good cause. Speaking of nice teeth, today I would like to share my favorite blog with you guys. Have you ever visited My Milk Toof? Made by blogger Inhae Renee…

  • The Traveling Vintage Item – Part II

    The Traveling Vintage Item – Part II

    I just posted a tweet about the traveling item post part 1. But then Saskia, the sender of The Item, asked me if I saw the apple underneath the confetti-mountain. Apple? What apple?! So i ran to the confetti enveloppe, poured it onto a plate and there it was: an apple brooch! An unexpected hidden…

  • The Traveling Vintage Item

    The Traveling Vintage Item

    I loveeee to find packages in my mailbox. And this weekend there was one, yes! Nicely wrapped in with my favorite twine. But wait, there was a small envelop on top! This made me smile. Saskia, one of my Twitter friends, is always telling the most hilarious stories about confetti on Twitter. This may sound…

  • Lovelies: Saturday Breakfast
  • Perfect Place: Barnini / Antwerp

    Perfect Place: Barnini / Antwerp

    Me and my lovely friend Meta went to Antwerp for a weekend. What started off as a rainy weekend became a great relaxing sunny mini-holiday. Can’t wait to go again! Meta luckily new the best place for breakfast. It’s called Barnini. When visiting the market on sunday you HAVE TO go there and eat breakfast.…

  • Lovelies: Tobi from Studioh Mijn