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5 tips for the best weekend citytrip Ghent

What to do when in Ghent only for the weekend? With these 5 tips you will have the best time during your citytrip Ghent! Not so long ago my sister called me on a Friday. ‘How about going to Ghent tomorrow?’ she said. I thought about my weekend, without any plans or exciting things. So Ghent it was! We drove over Saturday and stayed (thanks to Tineke) at the NH hotel, which is located directly into the […]

Thrift in the City

10 Tips for a weekend in Liège

A few weeks ago I visited Liège. I always thought that it would be a boring city with only ugly factories and industries. Little did I know that is a actually a perfect town to go to for a weekend getaway of just to browse around the small beer cafes and shops. Here are ten tips what to See, Drink, Eat and Do! SEE Looking for a quirky hat with a vintage brooch or a fun bag? At […]

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Liège: Cité Miroir

I love abandoned places. Places where time stands still and everything is waiting for the passing of time. Or for exciting events to happen… Last week we visited Liège. Our first stop was Cité Miroir. The Cité Miroir gave a second life to the former swimming pool and bathhouse Sauvenière. The renovation proces was huge. But it turned out beautifully. They kept a lot of the original features, like the staircase here on the left and the original tribunes. Now a days the Cité […]

Thrift in the City

Five Flea markets in Brussels

Last weekend my aunt took my niece and me out to visit flea markets in Brussels, and to explore the city. Last year we went to Leuven, but weren’t very lucky in the town itself. Brussels made up for that. So here is a small guide if you go to Brussels for the flea markets. Vossenmarkt The most famous flea market in Brussels. A square filled with stuff. A lot of China or other decorative items but also very nice […]

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Lovely weekend in Leuven

Our first road trip was a great succes. Since we had so much fun we decided to make it an annual tradition. This year we ended up in Leuven! The team! Maggie Again, Allihoppa, Mouseblossom and yours truly. When we were lost we ended up in something I call Brooch Paradise. The shop was called Hexagoon. It’s a must-see for fabric, craft material, fabrics, scarfs and: BROOCHES! They we so incredibly awesome. I had to chose one from the […]

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A Day in Dordrecht

Na een succesvolle eerste roadtrip durfden we het weer aan. Dit maal stond Dordrecht op Het programma. A day in Dorecht… We is in dit geval de Mechelen-groep. Hoe Yvonne, Margriet, Annelies en ik bij elkaar zijn gekomen is een raadsel. Het begon hoogstwaarschijnlijk met een gezamenlijk Etsy uitje naar Rotterdam, waar wij vieren kwamen opdagen. Na een groots plan (‘Marta opzoeken in Frankrijk’) wat ietwat onuitvoerbaar was (5 uur in de auto) hadden we een lang weekend Mechelen […]