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  • DIY: Brooch Wreath

    DIY: Brooch Wreath

    If you have too many brooches*, you do not wear brooches anymore or you just want to do something crafty: Why not make a brooch wreath? If you are not willing to sacrifice all your brooches, check out Fiorella’s shop. She sells amazing wreaths! All the pictures in this post belong to Fiorella *in my opinion you can…

  • DIY: Make a rubber stamp

    DIY: Make a rubber stamp

    I use my stamp on my broesj-packages. A week ago, Hanneke and I attended the Rubber-stamp Making workshop. The workshop was a gift from me for Hanneke for her wedding. I gave her husband a passport holder ;)

  • DIY: Gardening at home

    DIY: Gardening at home

    While I live on the second floor in an appartment I do not have a very large garden. I only have a small balcony where I have two lovely flowerpots. That’s pretty much the only gardening I do. Inspired by my Pinterest Friends I collected a lot of images on how to do your own…

  • DIY: Craft Fair Stand

    DIY: Craft Fair Stand

    The first time me and Broesj were on a craft fair was in the beginning of april 2012. I was very (very!) nervous because I had never done a craft show as a visitor in my life. Oh my… So I searched and searched for lovely craft display examples. And boy did I find some…

  • Packaging the first wholesale order

    Packaging the first wholesale order

    Recently I got a super nice e-mail from a shop in Groningen. They wanted to sell my brooches! WOW that was such a nice message to receive. So on a rainy monday I packaged twenty brooches to be shipped to Groningen. On monday’s I sometime work at home, so the packiging took place in the…