Amazed by the fabulous brooches in Galerie Des Bijoux

The thing I didn’t consider being in Paris (while it being a work thing): I could find some brooches! And yes, there were some fabulous brooches in Galerie des Bijoux.

Precious brooches in Galerie des Bijoux


While visiting Museum Les Arts Décoratifs I discovered Galerie des bijoux. Wow! I felt like I was starring in a Sherlock Holmes episode (you know, where they steal the most precious jewelry) it felt unreal!
I was most impressed to see the brooches of René Lalique in real life. I have written about him before, the most precious brooches were showed on the Broesj Facebook page. But I didn’t think I would ever see a Lalique brooch. But I did.

This brooch is called Le Baiser (the kiss) and was made in 1904 – 1906.

Brooch Rene Lalique Galerie Des bijoux

The museum received the brooch from René Le Mesnil.
The beautiful artwork depicts a man and female in a very loving way. But surrounded by a branch of thorns in silver, the tiny object summarizes the pleasures and pains of love Lalique himself described in one of his letters:
“As I do suffer , alas! one who can love me …”

Finally the mystery was revealed by the granddaughter of René Lalique.

In 1904 and 1905, Lalique spent long periods in England and meets a young French. A son, René Le Mesnil, was born in 1907.
When René Le Mesnil donated the brooch to the museum, the story came out and all and the secret was revealed.

That is exactly the reason why I love brooches: The stories are so incredible!
Do you have a fabulous brooch story?

Tweet: I love to read stories about brooches. There are great stories behind these pieces of jewelry!

all images are from the Les Arts Decoratifs website


2 thoughts on “Amazed by the fabulous brooches in Galerie Des Bijoux

  1. Wat een mooi verhaal! Ik kende Lalique alleen van naam, door een tentoonstelling in het Gemeentemuseum in Den Haag. Zulke verhalen geven echt meer diepgaan aan een object. Jammer genoeg ken ik er te weinig…

  2. Tof Broesie! Oh Lalique is echt kwijl-waardig. Ik heb ook de tentoonstelling in Gemeentemuseum Den Haag gezien. Maar Lalique in Parijs zien is toch echt wel heel bijzonder.

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